We generate trash and garbage every day which requires attention on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness, safety and a healthy environment. Dustbins are an important factor for both human health and environmental development. Hence, choosing the right garbage bin and using it responsibly can benefit the ecosystem. Sheetal Group understands this and offers the perfect solution for waste management.

As a top industrial dustbin supplier, we manufacture reliable waste management products such as household bins, biomedical bins, roadside bins, garbage rickshaws and many more. Our current range goes from 10 litres to 1100 litres. From pedal operated or simple bins to large bins for industrial use, we have a solution for all. Made with UV stabilized plastic and Steel frames our bins are a leader in the market. Whether it is plastic storage bins or framed garbage bins, we have a variety of models to suit your needs at home, office or public areas.

Type of Bins

Renowned as a foremost dustbin supplier, we believe in variety and quality. Our rubbish bin is constructed from 100% UV stabilized virgin plastic. We have designed the products for both indoors and outdoors, each with the strength to match their use. For easy handling and disposal of large waste, we offer wheelbarrows, garbage rickshaws and mobile bins as per the need. These bins come with removable lids and wide openings and can be tilted for easy waste disposal. Our trash bins are efficient, easy to maintain, durable and can be procured at affordable prices.

Why Us?

Garbage and trash cans and bins, effectively placed around a home or building, is the first step to safe material handling and building maintenance. So if you are looking for garbage bins online, look no further. Sheetal Group, a leading smart bin manufacturer offers one of the widest range of waste disposal bins. Being one of India’s top swachh Bharat dustbin manufacturer and bin suppliers, Sheetal Group is committed to innovation and better products for you to buy dustbins. So what are you waiting for? Make cleaning faster and easier by ordering the right waste management products from India’s most trusted manufacturer.

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