5 Major Reasons Why Businesses Should Require Traffic Cones


Traffic cones, be it orange or white have become part of our daily lives in most urban metropolitan cities. Managing these cities and all the modern accommodations, construction, and roads requires signs and posts which indicate specific things. Just as traffic lights show the flow of traffic, traffic cones show what it going on in the surrounding area. There are many instances in daily life which call for the use of traffic cones. 

These cones are brilliantly colored in bright colors for increased visibility. The color of traffic cone or road cones are also specified by the government as different colors are used for different purposes. The color of a cone is used to identify the type of risk, hence different colors denote different kinds of risks. Orange cones are mainly used in the highways or major roadways to warn people of ‘potential danger’, red cones are used for ‘imminent danger’ and yellow cones for the danger that may not be life-threatening.

traffic safety orange cones

The use of traffic cones for businesses might not be the same in comparison to preconceived purposes, as road cones are mostly used outdoors but their use has shifted indoors as well. They are seen in malls or shopping complexes to mark off areas closed to pedestrians, such as the construction of a new office or shop. Road cones are also often used to make people aware of private property and to fend off trespassers. The main purpose of these cones can be summed up as tools that gather people’s attention. Not using proper signs to signify certain risks may cause a business to fall under a lawsuit and therefore it is necessary that firms duly use cones to specify risks if there are any to protect their employees, customers, or anyone who they might come in contact with in terms of physical proximity. Some of the major reasons why businesses require traffic cones are:

  • To warn people about hazards

Businesses and road traffic departments need to use traffic safety cones to protect oncoming drivers and pedestrians from dangerous areas and dug-up roads.

  • Use of cones for construction

Construction sites are always a threat to the pedestrians due to the potential risk of falling debris or rubble, therefore the use of orange or white cones will make the sites more visible to people passing by the site. 

  • Directing traffic

Traffic cones or road cones provide visible cues for people and should be used to show pathways and exits to parking lots and underground parking spaces at malls and office complexes.

  • Crowd control

Cones may be used for events or public gathering to make people aware of areas which are out of bounds or private.

  • Complying with state laws

There are also instances where the government may also impose the use of traffic cones for a specific purpose like blue and white for medical emergencies or green for radioactive threats.

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