A simple list of what can and cannot be recycled!

list of what can and cannot be recycled

Plastic pollution is currently one of the biggest environmental concerns polluting our planet, killing wildlife, and contaminating our seas. In fact, approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans daily. It may seem like large amounts of plastic waste are inevitable in the world we live in, but you can help with the plastic pollution issue by being aware of its dangers and taking steps to reduce waste. Here we shared a simple list of what can and cannot be recycled!

Three general guidelines for recycling:

  1. Recycle all the bottles, cans, and paper
  2. Keep items relatively clean
  3. Don’t mix plastic bags in with the rest of your recycled items

Do Recycle

  1. Rigid plastic and bottles
  2. Any plastic bottles or containers found in your kitchen
  3. Paper and cardboard
  4. Cereal and snack cardboard boxes
  5. Phonebooks, magazines, and mail
  6. Office Paper, newspaper, and cardboard
  7. Metals such as tin, steel cans, and aluminum
  8. Glass such as food containers, jars, soft drink, and beer bottles, wine and liquor bottles

Don’t Recycle

  1. Loose plastic bags such as plastic shopping bags and stretch wraps
  2. Polystyrene foam cups or containers such as egg cartons, take out containers or drinking cups
  3. Soiled food items such as food-soiled containers and soiled paper products
  4. Miscellaneous such as broken or sharp glass, fast food packaging, and plastic utensils.

If you are spotting lots of plastic litter when you walk around your local area or when you are doing a litter pick, it might be time to take control and, while working on reducing the amount of plastic waste your community produces. Remember, depending on where you live and what service provider you have, your recycling options will vary.

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Tip: Reduce your plastic use as much as possible and recycle everything you can!