Barricades Are a Replacement For Bollards

Barricades Are a Replacement For Bollards

467,044 was the total number of road accidents in India in 2018. This is an astounding figure for a nation that has only 1% of the world’s total vehicles but accounts for more than 6% of the world’s road traffic accidents. Increasing the safety of people on the roads is a pressing issue. Road safety products like barricades and bollards, as we know, are used to control the flow of traffic. They help to create a safe environment for both vehicles, and pedestrians. 

Different plastic road barriers are used in different scenarios and are some of the most essential tools that reduce the likelihood of road accidents. But, they aren’t all the same. Different situations demand different solutions, and maybe that is the reason why at the end of 2019, B.H. Anil Kumar, Commissioner, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), said that they opted for plastic barricades instead of metal bollards because of its flexibility and lightweight.

Plastic traffic barricades

These are widely used road and pedestrian barriers that control traffic and crowds. Available in vibrant colors, these kinds of barricades are lightweight, sturdy and are safer compared to other barricades due to higher impact absorption properties. Moreover, these can easily be transported and assembled. Since these are lightweight, the installation of these barricades requires less labor. Also, the vibrant colors enhance their visibility at night or in any poorly-lit area.


Bollards are vertical posts that are generally short in height and are installed to control, limit and guide the movement of traffic. Bollards are permanent, making them less useful in scenarios like construction, diversion of traffic, etc. However, some bollards can be unlocked and positioned according to the requirement. Just like plastic barricades, bollards are also available in several vibrant colours and reflective panels. 

Though related by function, bollards and barricades have different strengths as perimeter protection. Bollards aren’t used on roadways. You can find them lining the sides of the roads, or alongside buildings. Barricades, on the other hand, are universal. They are used to control traffic on roads and public places.

traffic barricades

Traffic Barricades

These safety barricades are used to control the flow of traffic on major roadways. Their primary use involves creating a road diversion in case of road construction, or to alert the oncoming traffic about accident-prone areas. They are also used to create roadblocks in case of emergencies. Traffic barricades are mostly available in bright orange color, and most of them come equipped with reflective panels or strips, which enhance nighttime visibility. Traffic barricades are of six types – jersey walls, barrels, traffic cones, delineators, safety signs, and A-frame barricades.

Safety Barricades for pedestrians

Barriers are also used to control crowds, especially in schools, public gatherings, concerts, parades, etc. Pedestrian barricades are economical and easy to relocate. These barriers aren’t as robust as road safety barriers but do come in a larger variety and color combinations. They are also often used for decorative purposes.

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