Breaking Traffic Rules Will Be Expensive: Traffic Fines Revised in Delhi

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The city which is known to manage heavy traffic throughout the day along with road rage and accidents occurring due to irresponsible driving is now set to witness a set of revised traffic fine charges. The Delhi government decided to implement a set of revised fine charges for breaking traffic rules in order to spread awareness about the importance of following traffic rules and ensure road safety for all commuters.

Following the new set of rules, the pollution checks have become more frequent and hence the functioning hours of the pollution centers have increased, the server capacity has been extended two-fold, the transport terminals and depots which offer pollution checking services are required to deal with the increased footfall of the commuters.

Road safety is a concern that is in the larger interest of the commuters as well as pedestrians. Hence safety equipment like road barriers, traffic barricades, traffic cones, parking barriers, and speed breakers are extremely important to manage the heavy rush on roads. The shapes, sizes, and colors of the safety equipment vary depending on their usability and the place where these are kept.

Plastic Traffic Barricades

Popularly known as the leading brand in road safety equipment, Sheetal Group is also the best road barrier manufacturer in India. The main USP of this equipment is that they have a sturdy design, are easy to set up, are compatible with wire mesh for crowd control, have provision to be filled with water and sand. Being the best road barrier manufacturer in India, Sheetal Group also offers the most affordable plastic speed breaker price in its industry. 

The parking cones have been manufactured by Sheetal Group using virgin LLDP and have a high-quality reflective sleeve that is available in both light and heavyweights. The main features which make the traffic cones useful are that they are available in semi-flexible, non-fading colors. The wheel stoppers ensure that the vehicles stop at the right locations during the parking, and these also help in preventing the damage caused to buildings, sidewalks, curbs and delicate landscapes. Additionally, the speed breakers have the special feature of high impact resistance, UV stabilized, high reflective tapes for night visibility.

By installing this road safety equipment, the traffic problems can be further managed efficiently as the vehicles and commuters will be able to better navigate on road, especially during peak hours. Traveling or driving on road is a matter of great responsibility as your life depends on it and hence should not be taken lightly. Imposing hefty fines is the only way to discipline the otherwise unaware commuters or drivers who unintentionally put their lives at risk. It is important to remember while on the road that your family is waiting for you back at home.