Concrete Rainwater Tank: Investment for a Lifetime

rain water tanks

Freshwater conservation is a critical need of the hour in today’s day and time. Businesses, homeowners, and even farmers are looking at using novel ways to conserve this crucial natural resource. Although rainwater is a renewable resource that is readily available to us, it needs to be harnessed and stored for long-term use with the ideal water tank.

Rainwater tanks are typically able to store large quantities of water that comes in handy in difficult times. Such tanks are slowly catching up in popularity as well. Additionally, maintenance and upkeep is also a concern for owners. Sometimes, owners are also not clear on the most durable materials that are ideal for their environmental conditions.

While rainwater tanks are available in many materials, concrete rainwater tanks are known to be some of the strongest and long-lasting tanks among the lot. They offer a massive incentive as a long-term investment.

It is no secret that concrete rainwater tanks are costlier to build and install than tanks made out of other materials. In the long run, the greater investment is covered by the utility bills that you save up. Concrete tanks are installed above ground and underground. If you choose to go the former way, you may need to install steel frames.

There are various parameters that one needs to consider before actually going ahead and investing in the purchase of materials and engaging a construction crew. Buyers tend to go out searching for the best quality water tank. One needs to consider the size of the property, how many people will it serve when brought into use. It is also vital to ascertain the kind of fixtures that may be needed, as per specific needs.

Benefits of concrete tank

Beginning with the purpose of use, it is very important to consider the size of your home. If you have a smallish sized property and want to supplement the main water supply with rainwater, then a plastic tank is usually advisable. However, for larger properties, farms requiring irrigation and water for livestock and other uses, a concrete tank is a highly beneficial investment. Not to forget, you may need to install additional pumps, piping and fixtures that connect your tank to the supply points.

These tanks have a high holding capacity and durability. Some people construct concrete tanks underground. In such cases, the water stays at a much colder temperature throughout the year. The natural insulation and protection provided by the surrounding soil also shield the tanks from the elements. Solid construction also prohibits any sort of leakage or contamination.

All purposes aside, the foremost reason water is harvested and stored securely is to ensure access to clean water for human consumption when needed. It is worth noting that since the nature of rainwater is slightly acidic when it comes in contact with elements like magnesium and calcium that are present in Concrete, it produces slightly alkaline hard water. Hence, you may want to install additional filtration systems and purification systems to ensure that the water is completely safe for human consumption.

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