Cut down on roadside litter with The Sheetal Group’s roadside bins

roadside bins

Garbage bins or waste storage containers are vessels to store scrap. Recently people have started segregating dry debris & wet litter. Waste storage containers of various sizes, quality and types are used so that the environment surrounding remains clean and tidy. That’s the core purpose of using them.

Roadside Bins

Roadside bins come with different capacities. Depending on the area, specific bins are placed at places most frequently used by people. For places like shopping malls, theatres, entertainment parks, etc, the number of roadside bins, wheelie bins, and even 240 ltr two-wheeler bins is required in abundance. Placing placards nearby the bins makes an individual aware of spots where they could throw the garbage. All credit goes to technology that the quality of bins has improved exponentially. The shelf life of bins has increased as well making the usage increase 2 to 3 times.

Wheelie Bins

Storage bins can now be moved from one place to another. Such storage bins are referred to as wheelie bins. These waste storage containers have wheels attached on both sides allowing the container to get shifted to another locality with ease. The shelf life of wheelie bins basically relies on the quality of wheels attached to the bin. The larger the size of wheels attached along with premium quality bins, the more storage of waste could get moved easily without affecting the quality of the bins in long-term.

Dustbin manufacturer & supplier
The Sheetal Group

Solid Waste Management with The Sheetal Group

The Sheetal Group has been in the market for over 2 decades now. It’s one of the reasons the company understands different behaviour patterns which changed with time in people. One could observe the subtlety with which the company has been offering different products being on the ground. Its majorly because of this that the leadership and management team has been able to understand what the consumers really desired.

Consumers prioritised more on quantity some years back (4-5 years) but the present priority has shifted to quality. This shift can be seen in different storage waste bins being offered by the company in the present day. Besides the quality, another factor that is coming up is creativity in innovation. 2 examples of the many include wheelie bins and 240 ltr two-wheeler bins.

One more factor which pushed the cut down on roadside litter has been the Swachh Bharat campaign by the current Prime Minister of India. The campaign received a double push all credits to globalisation because of the internet. With a large proportion of the Indian population wanting to be like Americans, The Sheetal Group is helping achieve the goal in the coming days.