Everything you need to know about Suraksha Premium!

Suraksha Premium

Choosing a water storage tank is not an easy task. There is so much to consider to get a perfect one as it is a long-time investment. However, before making the selection it is mandatory to understand your needs and requirements and make a comparison accordingly. Let’s start to know something about Suraksha Premium.

Suraksha Premium – Sheetal Group

The Sheetal Tanks is known as a pioneer water tank supplier delivering ‘the best quality anytime, every time. With an array of water tanks to choose from, Suraksha Premium is one of the leading tanks.

Features of Suraksha Premium

  • UV Stabilized and FDA Compliant Material
  • Made with 100% HDPE Material
  • Strong and durable with layers of insulation to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Available in various finishes, sizes, and shapes
  • Clearly marked inlet and outlet
  • Heat-reflective outer layer
  • Ventilated lid for fresh airflow
  • Violet inner layer for clear visibility of water and other contaminants

It is important to make your consideration and find out how much quantity of water is needed to be stored inside on a regular basis. Sheetal’s Suraksha Premiums are available in various sizes ranging from 500litres – 2000litres. This UV-stabilized water tank protects against the formation of algae and penetration of harmful UV rays which can lead to discoloration, cracking, and loss of strength. Suraksha Premium is a great pick for customers looking for reduced operational costs, protection from algae protection, and low maintenance.

Remember, choosing the right water tank is key to making the best use of our natural resource water and getting the best results for your investment, and Sheetal’s Suraksha Premium definitely offers more.

So, reach out to Sheetal Group to buy your 1000 litre water storage tank!