Faucets are the new way to transform the aesthetics of your space

Faucets are the new way to transform the aesthetics of your space

Today, design plays an integral part in how you feel at home. One’s individuality is expressed through the décor and design aesthetics of one’s home. In this regard, the bathroom and the kitchen play a very important role. The bath space is an essential space where a person relaxes and in every sense unwinds. Similarly, a kitchen is where the joy of tastefulness is curated, created, and crafted! Faucets are at the heart of a bathroom or a kitchen. The design and aesthetics of a bathroom or a kitchen are very much dependent upon the faucets and the CP fitting in the space.

Choosing new faucets for your home is a great opportunity to redefine the identity and overall style of the bathroom or the kitchen. Every new design or a simple addition to the existing décor almost completely changes the mood of the space. Faucets aren’t just a utility anymore; they are very much a part of the identity of your space. Over a period of time, the industry and the consumer market of CP fittings has evolved to suit the taste and mindset of an increasingly aware audience who are able to witness many top design combinations and styles around or online. Faucet choices like, elegant, modern, sleek, rustic, chrome, black and colourful are available in the market today.

Rustic faucets express a very urban yet classic look with their copper and dark bronze colours. These evoke a sense of heritage and legacy and convey the idea that they may have been passed on through many generations. A more modern aesthetic is to choose CP fittings with clean lines and harsh angles. Some people love the hard edges and a minimal approach to design. Then there’s the smooth and curvy faucet that expresses a refined sense of craft.      

Today, everyone needs the best designs that look premium and yet come at reasonable prices. Sheetal Group is launching a range of premium quality Faucet Taps that everyone can afford. These faucets will come in six exquisite ranges comprising Cosmos, Iris, Lily, Marigold, Dahlia, and Daffodils.

With over three decades of industry experience behind today, Sheetal Group has ventured into markets that offer quality bathroom, kitchen, and water storage solutions to consumers. The company has many accolades to its name and is the first in India to be accredited with an ISO certificate. The group’s focus is on innovation and novel technology adoption. Sheetal Group is a pioneer in many ways that envisions a better future for the consumers at large.