Garbage Trolleys Can be Used Used for Door-to-Door Waste Pickup

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Garbage Trolley

One of the most important ways to manage waste is by sorting it and using a garbage trolley. Differentiating among solid, plastic and biological waste products is a great way to tackle the garbage menace, particularly in India. 

However, garbage disposal in India is beset with problems. Waste pickers often do not use garbage trolleys or sort waste, leading to a mix-up of waste products.

Mixing waste hinders recycling, leaving a large amount of waste not being recycled. Further, rag pickers and garbage collectors use bare hands to pick up and clean waste rather than using garbage trolleys or even a garbage hand cart.

This is not only unhygienic but also leads to the spread of diseases. In light of all these factors, garbage trolleys become all the more important in sorting, disposing and managing garbage in India.

Here are some benefits of using garbage trolleys or garbage hand carts in waste management in India:

Garbage trolley are mobile and convenient

Equipped with wheels, garbage trolleys and garbage hand carts can be moved around easily. They are perfect for Indian roads and landscapes, which are full of potholes and narrow by-lanes.

These trolleys can be used easily to pick up and transfer garbage from individual houses to pick-up trucks and from there to sorting facilities.

They can be used by Municipal Corporations as well as Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) in cities for efficient door-to-door waste pickup and segregation.

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The sheetal group trolley are helpful in sorting waste

Sorting waste is the most crucial step towards effective solid waste management. Till a couple of years ago, there was no concept of waste management in India.

All kinds of waste – solid, bio-degradable and plastic – were mixed together, making it difficult for sorting agencies to distinguish between bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable waste products.

However, the National Green Tribunal has made it mandatory for state governments to comply with Solid Waste Management Rules, which seeks strict segregation of solid waste.

Using garbage trolleys with clearly demarcated labels helps agencies to prevent waste products from getting mixed up. This makes for more effective waste disposal and recycling. 

Using a Sheetal Trolleys

Using a garbage trolley or a garbage hand cart that helps in sorting, collecting and disposing of garbage is the need of the hour and the Sheetal Group has been the pioneer in providing solutions for the waste management industry.

The company is also a partner of choice for many Municipal Corporations and RWAs throughout the country. While the Sheetal Group has many products, three are worth mentioning here: Mobile Garbage Cart, Double Port Hand Cart (made in accordance with the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and very helpful in waste segregation) and MS Hand Cart.