How dividers save lives? Know with Sheetal Group!

road dividers

Dividers save lives?

One of the many crucial factors for experiencing a safe and sound journey through 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, 6/8/10 wheeler is a road divider on roads while driving.

Different nations design, manufacture and place the road dividers according to their understandings and needs.

Each type of road divider has a unique benefit (psychologically) on people seeing the road divider while driving their vehicle.

Different types of road dividers are used depending on the locality of the area, the type of lane/road, etc. Some types which are more common include:

  • concrete road dividers
  • cement road dividers
  • plastic road dividers

Here are a couple of reasons as to why dividers save lives:

Make the individual aware and alerts as to in which lane he/she is supposed to drive.

People driving a vehicle may feel alert, especially while driving in the night making them reach their desired destination safe and sound.

With new and unique kinds of technologies entering the market at a global scale, a road divider is many times seen as an underdog.

One could make his/her vehicle placed beside it if an issue comes up in an engine.

It happens to a lot of individuals that while reaching their office, home, shopping centre or any other place, one or a couple of tires get punctured/flat due to some tiny nails on the road.

For not to build a traffic jam, keeping the vehicle beside a divider will make other vehicles pass by without making a fuss.

A road divider may help in avoiding an accident taking place.

If an accident occurs, with the help of a divider, the vehicle may suffer damage but individuals/people sitting inside may not suffer severe damage thanks to stuff like airbags being installed.


Sheetal Group is one of a few companies that provide road dividers of various kinds depending on where a road divider is needed and how many are required.

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With logistics and transportation industries being seen as the major industries in the next 5-10 years specifically in India.

The demand and supply relationship will go through a dynamic phase in which a divider will also play a small role in helping the nation and people living in it.