How roadside garbage bins are helping with waste management

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As India’s growing population generates a larger quantity of waste, local authorities cannot manage it effectively. Improper waste management can lead to risks to the environment and public health. In simple terms, waste management refers to actions required to handle waste from beginning to final disposal. The steps include a collection of waste through waste segregation and using it for upcycling and recycling. There are many ways to control it and the best one is to install dustbins around the roadside and significant public and residential areas. There are verities of trash bins available in the market to be used for the public and can be placed around the garden, mall, roadside, etc.

To understand how garbage bins can help waste management, we need to gulp the notion of what improper waste management can lead to!

Adverse effects of improper waste management

Though we all know that Waste management Bins is the need of the hour, let’s get into the impacts that improper waste management leaves on our lives.

Contaminates soil

If we don’t have the preventive measures such as the proper arrangement of throwing garbage, then the plastic, glass, metal can make the soil contaminated and hazardous.

Pollutes water

Water is a fundamental human need and a basic necessity for all of us. Pollution dues to improper garbage management can contaminate water easily as it has an excellent solvent property. Thus, water picks up pollution easily. It often meets dissolved substances like various chemicals and gases produced by garbage.

Contaminates air

When paper and plastic are burned at the landfill, it releases harmful gasses which eventually contribute to the ozone layer and also have harmful effects on us. This is one of the leading causes behind the global warming takes place by improper waste management.

Harms wildlife

Any animal or marine life coming in contact of pollution gets poorly impacted. Improper waste management leads to killing thousands of aquatic, aerial, and terrestrial wildlife every year. Despite strict measures implemented to mitigate it, we keep seeing piles of garbage with no dustbin around.

Causes human damage

Humans are equally hampered by pollution as much as wildlife, air, and water because everything is chained to each other. Children, waste disposal workers, and people working in manufacturing units are at significant risk of damage from improper waste management.

So, given all the adverse effects of improper waste disposal, people should be careful to promote and exercise all the necessary practices to ensure cleanliness and waste segregation.

There’s a solution to every problem! Implementing proper dump yards and trucks facilities play a significant role in garbage management. But, the key role player is the dustbins as they help curb litter at the very first stage and aid waste management to take place smoothly.

How garbage bins around the roadside improve waste management

Solid waste management has appeared as one of the substantial development challenges, especially in urban Indian cities. Numerous studies have shown that improper waste disposal produces dangerous gases due to decomposition and extreme climate conditions. As per the 12th Schedule of the 74th Constitution Amendment Act of 1992, urban local bodies are responsible for keeping cities and towns clean. However, most of these offices lack adequate infrastructure despite big-budget due to the lack of information on what’s available in the market. On the contrary, many states are successfully implementing the right waste management methods such as waste segregation to solve the problem.

It is now compulsory in many states for waste producers to throw their waste in colour-coded dustbins—blue for dry waste and green for wet waste—to ensure proper retrieval, reuse and recycling. This saves the time and energy of municipal workers significantly. Wet waste is primarily used for composting in a distributed manner. Tamil Nadu state has lately set standards by accomplishing 100 percent segregation in 20 of its municipalities, all this with the installation of colour-coded trash bins along roadside, residential and public places. However, many states are following the footsteps of states that are successfully managing segregated and unsegregated waste. To motivate the Indian public to segregate their waste, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs launched a “Source Segregation Campaign” in 2017, under the Swachh Bharat Mission.

A key component of cleanliness is the efficient segregation of waste, which sometimes becomes a constraint because mixed waste is often dumped in open areas. This is a threatening alarm to the global environment and humans. Dustbins come to the rescue to simplify the process of segregation by offering use via different variants to manage dry, wet, bio, and metal waste. They can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If the waste is segregated at the source, it eases out different types of production processes in generating marketable use value. Segregation becomes easier when practiced through the installation of waste-specific dustbins.

As we live in an era where one-time use products have high consumption, it is our responsibility as a citizen to keep the city clean. You can make suggestions to your area’s municipal office to place garbage bin with wheels along the roadside where you see people dump garbage in open areas. It will bring the concern in the notice to the government and help your location and environment keep clean. Sheetal Group is one of the trusted and oldest dustbin suppliers in India known as a vanguard in the waste disposal industry, and has been reliably backing towards a cleaner future. The company has been offering solid solutions to problems like improper waste management, water storage, and sanitation. They have a wide range of products that caters to specific requirements; also offer customization options to control non biodegradable waste management on a greater level.  With their constant effort and research towards facilitating a clean and green India, they have excelled in manufacturing high-quality waste management products to control the problem of littering. No matter you are a businessman, employer, homemaker, or government official, it is our collective responsibility towards the nation to keep our surroundings clean. Your big dream to see India clean and flourishing is just a bin away!