How Water Tank Layering Affects Water Tank Quality?

Water Tank Layering Affects Water Tank Quality

In India, water tanks are the primary means of storing water, which may be used for drinking, irrigation, agriculture etc. These tanks are created, keeping in mind three essential parameters – tank’s design, tank’s lining and the construction material of the tank. Water storage tanks are usually kept outdoors and are prone to extremities like dust, wind, rain, etc. These extremities may lead to pest, bacterial or viral exposures. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a water storage solution accordingly.

In terms of materials used for constructing water tanks, there are many, such as plastic, fiberglass, concrete, stone, steel, etc. However,  polyethylene is the most popular one. Some of the main advantages of polyethylene are – its smooth texture which makes it easier to clean and maintain; its light-weight, which makes it easy to transport and install; and most importantly its cost, which is considerably less than steel, fiberglass or concrete.

Colour is also an important factor one must consider while opting for a water storage solution. Light colors are preferred for household usage over dark colors such as black or dark blue because they heat up the water quickly. Colours are also used for aesthetic reasons.

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Maintaining the quality of water stored in water tanks is also a pressing issue, and may dictate your choice of the water tank. Regular maintenance is needed to make sure that the stored water is germ and pest free. Incorporating multiple layers is a popular solution that curbs this hassle of maintenance, as using it helps to elongate the service intervals. The total number of layers also helps to distinguish between different kinds of water tanks.

  • Single layered: These are constructed with a single layer of plastic and are not UV stabilized, which means they do not protect the water tanks from the ultraviolet rays and can lead to the growth of algae inside the tank.
  • Double layered: These tanks incorporate two layers of insulation, where the first layer is also the outermost and resists abrasions. The second layer protects the tank from UV exposure.
  • Triple-layered: These tanks have an outer layer that protects from UV rays and another layer, which enhances the visibility of tanks interior. These tanks are highly-durable, leak-proof, also rust and corrosion-free.
  • Four layered: These are the costliest of all, with three layers of plastic and one layer of polyurethane foam, which maintains the temperature of the water, and also increases the structural strength of the tank. 

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