Importance of Choosing the Right Trash Can

Choosing the right trash can

A trash can may be a simple requirement for every house or place of work, but one cannot blindly go and buy the first product that catches the eye. Choosing the right trash can is somewhat of an art that requires thought and the eye to determine and compare the product and choose the most suitable option available.

Numerous options are available for different dustbins, including trash cans made of different materials with different utilities. It can get a little tricky to select the best option.

With the times we live in, we also need to consider the repercussions of the trash and the need to maintain hygiene and prevent pollution from the trash we dispose of.

That’s the reason to consider and compare the available options according to need, kind of trash, sizes required etc.

Types of Trash Cans and How to Select the Best Trash Can

It is important to separate the trash according to its nature to save the environment. The types of trash cans can be categorised according to usage, shape, material, colour, location etc. There are different trash cans available for different purposes; there are separate trash cans for dry and wet trash; also, different kinds of trash cans are used for hazardous materials. In this ocean of options, the buyer needs to go through all these factors and decide to buy a garbage can that is the most suitable for these factors.

These factors can be categorised as:

Before selecting a trash can, the first thought is to decide where you want to keep the trash can. Is it needed for house usage, workplace usage, industrial or medical usage? The rest of the factors will be affected by this factor as different garbage cans are used for different places. As stronger trash cans are required for industrial usage and home, one can use regular trash cans. So select accordingly.

There are different shapes available when buying trash cans for different utilities. They are a good option if you have limited space. The shape of the trash can is more of a style choice, as it comes in different shapes like half-round, rectangular, oval, square, round etc. shape of the can of garbage can also be determined according to the space available, for example, half-round trash cans save space.

Different materials are suited for different spaces. Stainless steel trash cans are a classic option for a stylish look and suit almost any space. Choice of material should be intended by the supposed usage as there are many options available in the market like simple plastic trash cans, stainless steel, wire mesh baskets etc.

Colours at home are mostly used as aesthetics, but specific colours are assigned for specific products when it comes to outdoors. For example, blue trash cans are used for dry trash, green is used for wet trash, and red is used for hazardous trash. Disposing of the trash according to colour makes it easier for the person in charge of recycling to segregate the trash according to its nature.

Before buying the trash can, one must know the location it has to be kept. As different materials are suited for outdoor and indoor usage. Or, if there is any harsh environment, you will need specific materials from the trash can. So decide beforehand if you want to place the trash can outside or inside.

How to Maintain Trash Can?

Maintaining a trash can is important for both self-hygiene and the environment. Also, it will ensure that your trash can lasts for a long period. So, every once in a while, it needs to be emptied and cleaned. A few tips for maintaining the trash can to last long are:

  • Cleaning

Make sure to always use garbage bags so that the inside of the can is not compromised. Every once in a while, rinse the trash can with water so that no smell attracts flies and mosquitoes. Dry it well before putting another garbage bag for the best results, as using it wet can cause a foul smell. If you have wet trash, make sure you use a few extra trash bags to secure the bottom of the can from getting spoiled.

  • Emptying Schedule

If you let the trash clutter, it can cause overflow, smell, and attract flies and mosquitoes, harming people and the environment. Set a schedule to empty the trash can regularly to avoid unpleasant situations like a pile of garbage.

  • Placement of the Trash Can

Make sure you place the trash can at a spot away from any mobile objects that can cause damage. Or place it in an environment where it can get ruined. For example, in an industry do not keep it around mobile machines or vehicles or in unsuitable weather conditions etc.

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Waste management is very important for a secure and clean environment. As a responsible person, it is important to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic for self and others. Selecting the right kind of trash can is considered a task where one needs to consider many factors to choose the best option. Can’t say enough that pollution is rising, and we need to act upon it now. Choosing the right trash can, separating your trash and disposing of the garbage wisely can make a big difference while keeping your surroundings hygienic and pollution-free. At Sheetal, we provide the best quality trash cans that make your life easy. To check out our huge range of trash cans, visit our website or reach out to one of our executives to schedule an appointment.