Improve Runway safety by installing Runway Barrier from The Sheetal Group


There is an array of different kinds of barricades and barriers that are being used nowadays. Most of them are being put up on roads or highways to divert traffic, or to alert people en-route about any immediate hazard. Efficient security barriers have become the need of the hour with an increasing number of vehicles in major metro cities and other populated areas such as offices, airports, hospitals, shopping districts, residential complexes, etc.

Use of Road Safety Barriers and Barricades

  • Resolve the parking issue
  • Control the speed
  • Divert traffic
  • Manage parking lanes
  • Highlight construction zones
  • Work as lane/road dividers

There are many road safety barriers and barricades that are available in the market to ease traffic management. Authorities use traffic barricades for various purposes such as managing traffic, controlling crowds, or restricting entry to private properties.

low profile runway barrier

Importance of Runway Barrier

The airport is one of the numerous places where one can see barricade being used for security and safety reasons. Due to the ever-growing influx of people getting on flights to get to their destination, airports also utilise various barricades, temporary markers and other objects that are placed on areas such as open runways or pathways. These barricades have a specific purpose that requires some due diligence that must be maintained whilst they are in use. Inadequate marking of construction zones, freight ramp areas, and other hazards may prove to be fatal, and can potentially cause a number of accidents involving aircraft, airline crew, passengers or freight personnel. Airport runway barrier marks off hazardous construction zones and comes in orange or white colors.

These plastic barricades also work as safety precautions that are mainly used to indicate the runway boundaries for the pilots and the airport crew. Runway barriers are unique in their design because they have to be under a certain height and have to be of long lengths so that they can cover the width of the runway without being too high as to obstruct any airplanes that are taking off.

Safety barriers by The Sheetal Group

The Sheetal Group is a reliable and recognized road and airway safety barrier supplier in the country. They offer some of the best products according to the specific needs of the clients. They manufacture high quality and efficient traffic and safety management products such as runway barrier, plastic barricades, security barriers, and safety barricades. Their range is highly acknowledged for the appropriate quality, high strength, crack resistance, lightweight and user-friendly aspects.

Sheetal’s products are resistant to severe impacts and harsh weather conditions making them a perfect choice for the airport runways. Their plastic barricades have interlocking sub-units making them bind perfectly into one firm position. These barriers are perfect for airports as they include high visibility orange and white reflective sheets, provision to fill with water or sand and provision to attach warning and safety lights and flags.