Know which colour water tank will suit your needs!

colour water tank

When choosing a storage tank, there are a number of things to consider. The more obvious things are the material and size of the water tank. However, when it comes to choosing a tank colour it is mostly an aesthetic choice but also affects the temperature and quality of the solution stored.

While the lighter shades keep the heat out, darker colours such as black will heat up the water.

Practical Water Tank Colour Considerations!

When selecting the ideal tank colour, many customers select purely on aesthetics and how the colour of the tank will fit in the location. There are two main reasons to factor while choosing a tank colour:

  • Dark-coloured water tanks absorb more heat in the Sun, which can result in the water becoming warm or hot rather than refreshing if used for purposes such as drinking, etc. Warmer water offers a better environment for bacteria to grow and breed.
  • Some coloured poly mixes last longer than others in UV light. For instance, during tests of intense UV weathering, lighter colours tend to perform better than darker shades.

However, if the water storage tank is placed in a location that is sheltered or out of direct UV sunlight, these two reasons will not matter too much.

Use of Black Water Tank

Blackwater tanks prevent the light from entering the interior matter where photosynthesis can lead to the development of algae and the diffusion of light-sensitive microbes.

When the interior solution is exposed to sunlight, it can raise the rate of growth many times. Hence, blocking the sun is a major consideration in the selection of plastic water tanks.

In addition to this, black tanks are more resistant to UV light and have a longer life due to their inherent strength.

Use of White Water Tank

Water tanks are used for a myriad of reasons and purposes. If you are buying a water storage tank there are two basic options: above-ground storage and below-ground storage.

The bright white water tank colour adds aesthetic value to your building and can be used for both domestic and industrial use.

However, choosing a tank colour is majorly an aesthetic choice but its colour can affect the temperature and quality of the solution stored.

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They ensure durable and reliable water storage solutions for domestic, industrial and agricultural applications.

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