New smart bins, recycling bins make waste management look, act smart

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Waste Management – What does it include?

Waste management is quite a vast area to deal with if not specified what is it that’s being looked and searched for. While hearing the word “waste management”, one by default thinks of a neat, clean and tidy environment. A lot of steps need to be incorporated for managing waste at the personal level and at a corporate/societal level as well. In India, when the term waste management is heard, a lot of things come up like:

  • Keeping the locality (village/street/town/city/state) clean from dry and wet waste.
  • Keeping the water resources (ponds/lakes/rivers) clean from industrial waste.
  • Changing the mindset of people to avoid throwing beverage wrappers on the side of the road.
  • Try and make the air less polluted (use vehicle pooling, avoid smoking, use more public transportation).
  • Increasing green cover by planting trees.

Depending on the most recent generation’s youth behavioural patterns, appropriate steps are being taken. The best option to do it effectively is by getting motivated and inspired by public individuals (celebrities, authors, singers, etc). The most recent example is that of the current Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi encouraging people of all ages to come forward and use roadside bins. He interestingly mentioned viewing nearby locality as your own locality which indirectly will urge you to use a recycle bin for throwing chips or chocolate wrappers.

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Creative ways of making the nation clean

Different nations use specific techniques that could be implemented only there because of traditions and culture. Another reason for focusing on youth is that they are potential future leaders. With a trend of changing smartphones/mobile phones very quickly (some months to a year), The Sheetal Group was among the few who became smart bin manufacturers. Manufacturing smart bins with enough capacity, coated with a paint soothing for youth and placing recycling bins in such manner that they would be hard to get ignored. Getting inspired by the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, Sheetal Group also focused on Swachh Bharat by manufacturing unique recycle bins and roadside bins designed for this specific issue.

Healthcare and medical industries are seeing rapid growth in present times. With the population increasing over 1.3 billion, a number of doctors are entering the market. With such change happening, biomedical bins are becoming required in more numbers in all hospitals