Sheetal Water Tanks: Every Drop counts on safe storage

water storage tank

Water is a pious resource of nature, more of a ray of hope for every life. It is required to serve every alarming need or emergency that arises out of natural calamity, when having multiple usages, safety concerns become top of the priority. So, here comes Water Tanks that play a pivotal role in surging the safe flow.

Several 1000 Litre Water Tank come up with the guarantee of durability and safety. So, Sheetal Group too assures a durable flow of safety. Sustainability is what Sheetal strives for a sustainable future and is surging ahead with the same.

How Sheetal Water Tanks marks a sustainable future on the grounds of safety?

Sheetal, the country’s leading tank manufacturer, presents well-designed hygienic water solutions.

Built with a smooth finish, robust construction, and algae protection, Sheetal Water Tanks are having a leading edge.

Some other features are:

  • Multiple layers with insulation to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Made from 100% virgin plastic
  • UV resistant and FDA approved
  • Well-marked inlet and outlet
  • Rough Textured
  • Available in various sizes, shapes and finishes

Sheetal deals with various variants that assure the non-contaminated flow of water. Suraksha Premium, Virat, Pancham, King, Sixer, Majesty, Royal & Puff are the variants that are building our future on the grounds of safe water.

We at Sheetal feature modular construction with a wide range of diameter and height options making our water container highly acclaimed in the market. Our range of water tanks includes large plastic water tanks, PVC water tanks and more, suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use. In addition to this, these come with a superior environment crack resistance in various capacities.

Looking for the best water tank manufacturer in India? Look no further! The Sheetal Tanks is known as a pioneer water tank supplier delivering ‘the best quality anytime, every time.

Our Water Storage Tanks are ideal for domestic, industrial and agricultural applications, providing you with a suitable storage solution for water and chemicals. We have become the first in the water storage tank industry in India to be accredited by the first ISO 9001:2000.