Some basic steps you must follow to maintain hygiene while using a toilet

Some basic steps you must follow to maintain hygiene while using a toilet

As wise men aptly said, “Much like charity begins at home, sanitation and hygiene starts with you and me.”

To further understand the importance of proper sanitation, we need to notice the grave health risk it has become. Approximately 8.4 million people die every year in India, and according to The World Bank, one in ten deaths in India is caused due to poor sanitation. This translates to approximately 840,000 deaths per year, or 2,250 deaths per day due to lack of clean drinking water, or adequate disposal of human excreta and sewage.

Access to proper sanitation is a basic human need, lack of which, can lead to serious health issues. Unfortunately, according to a report by WaterAid, more than 732 million Indians, (more than half of India’s total population) do not have access to toilets. 

Maintaining personal hygiene is one of the key lessons instilled in children by their parents, as well as their educational institutions. Following a basic toilet hygiene regime also falls into that gambit. Toilets and bathrooms are the perfect breeding grounds for ghastly bacteria and germs. The water in the cistern makes the toilet and its surrounding area humid, thereby creating ideal conditions for harmful bacterias like E-coli, Salmonella, and others to thrive. These pathogenic bacteria lurk not only on the toilet seat, but also on the floor, the flush handle, and the door handle.

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The below-mentioned pointers will help you maintain toilet hygiene efficiently:

  1. You can start by sweeping the toilet floor from one corner to the other in overlapping strokes. Ensure that the last bit of trash is collected and disposed off in the dustbin.
  2. Adequate disinfecting is crucial for better toilet hygiene. To kill the pathogens present in and around the toilet, it is necessary to disinfect the flush handles, doorknobs, faucets, paper towel dispensers, stall locks, light switches, wall, etc., properly by letting the disinfectant sit on the surface for several minutes.
  3. Ensure that you shut the lid while flushing the toilet as with every flush, bacteria in the toilet get projected into the air, covering the surrounding areas thereafter. Flushing with a covered toilet lid prevents the spread of bacteria. 
  4. Proper ventilation in the toilet is a must since a humid environment creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Furthermore, water tubs and buckets should be covered if they are used for storing water, and the floors surrounding the toilet should also be kept dry.
  5. Most importantly, washing your hands properly after using the toilet is a must. Hand sanitizers or clean wipes should be kept handy, in case water isn’t readily available.
  6. Proper storage and maintenance of water is also an essential part of sanitation. Therefore, water storage tanks should be cleaned at regular intervals, to stop the growth of any harmful pathogens. 


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