Speed breakers: Choose an ideal traffic calming strategy

Speed Breakers for Road Safety

‘Speed thrills but kills’ says a Delhi Police banner. But, while driving, how many of us look at these important messages, and how many of us stop to think about what they actually mean? 

People are always in a hurry to get to their destination. However, in certain places like hospitals and schools, they need to be slowed down. Speed breakers are a perfect solution for slowing down or calming the traffic. Speed breakers are put up to reduce traffic speed on the roads to prevent potential accidents or mishaps. 

Every year more than 1,50,000 victims are reported on road accidents per year. This is mainly because of their own neglect or by the negligence of others. With proper rules, roads and speed bumps in place, along with due diligence paid to others by people on the road, the number of victims of road accidents can be reduced by a significant amount.

There are many traffic signals put on the sides of the roads to ensure the safety of people commuting on them. These signals indicate to the driver that he/she should drive safely and obey the traffic rules. Speed bumps are one of the tools that are used to avoid fatal collisions on roads. Speed bumps are put up near airports, near hospitals, near schools, or any other place with a lot of foot traffic. Some of the main uses for speed bumps are:

  • Increase the level of safety for people on foot and road traffic
  • Slow down the vehicle’s speed
  • Decrease or redirect traffic flow
  • Cost-effective solution to provide safety

Speed breakers come in all shapes and forms but in India, they are still made with the same old rudimentary construction of just laying bricks, or a layer of cement down to form a speed bump without any timely maintenance, which is a must for these kinds of speed bumps. The main problem with these speed breakers is that they don’t do well in the rainy season and most, if not all, start to break apart. Plastic speed breakers are some of the best solutions to this problem because plastic, in comparison to bricks or cement, doesn’t falter due to external elements like rain or heavy load.

The Sheetal Group is one of the most well renowned plastic speed breaker suppliers in India and provides plastic speed bumps for numerous purposes. Their products are easy to install and are completely maintenance-free. This implies that once they are placed in the desired place, you need not worry for years to come. They will maintain their color and structural integrity for many years despite heavy contact with moving vehicles, or exposure to any other external element.