Stay Ready For Emergencies With Sheetal Water Storage Tanks

Sheetal Water Storage Containers for Home

Water is perhaps one of the most immediate and natural needs of humans. Especially amid an emergency, water always has to play an important role. Be it for drinking or to splash some on faces to wear off the exhaustion, water is truly indispensable.

Now the question arises that, do we actually ensure long term water storage?

Let’s say, in the adverse situation of a storm, or a tornado or a tsunami, do you think you’re ready to survive through it without water? If not, do you have enough water to tide you through?

Preparing doesn’t necessarily mean to store underground pools of water or to pack your basement with bottles, it simply means to have a go-to resource for water storage tanks for home that can at least ensure a short-term supply of water amid crisis.

Especially if you live in or nearby areas that are prone to earthquakes, forest fires etc., it becomes all the more important to have a long-term water storage plan.

Now you might ask, how much water should suffice?

On an average, a person uses approximately one gallon of water per day. Although, the amount varies heavily depending on a plethora of factors, including the climate, living conditions etc.

Thus, it is advisable that while preparing for emergencies, one should store enough water to fulfill the needs of all family members for at least 3 days. This time period is considered to be enough to make it through water disruption caused by the crisis. Although, to be safer, it is often recommended to store enough for 14 days.

Here, arises the need of a water storage tank. The first step is finding a tank made of food grade plastic. Sheetal water tanks are made primarily of LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) or HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), and offer high Environmental Stress Crack Resistance.

Stainless steel bottles or containers can also be used but be warned, that the chlorine corroded steel.

Whatever the choice, one has to make sure that the container is sealable. If the tank can’t seal, there’s a risk of bacteria or other external contaminants infusing into the water.

The Sheetal Group is a leading manufacturer of water storage containers. We offer a vast variety of storage tanks that ensure highest possible quality at industry leading prices.

Featuring multiple specifications, our water storage containers can be used both for domestic as well as industrial purposes. The tanks are bedecked with high Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR), enhancing their durability while the insulation layers incorporated in the tanks regulate the temperature of water.

All our water storage containers for home are manufactured using 100% virgin plastic, which in turn is safe for the storage of drinking water. The tanks are UV stabilized, so as to withstand sunlight and other harsh weather conditions.

These diverse features make sure that our containers are preferred by all, based on their use, durability, capacity, design, and sturdiness.