Tips to Keep the Water Tank Cool in this Summer Heat

Keep water tank cool in this summer heat

India is a country of all seasons, where you can experience sweltering hot summer, chilly winters, peachy spring, and barely autumns. In all these extreme weather scenarios, we develop the habit of storing water on tanks installed on our rooftops and buildings, which are then supplied to different types of water outlets within the house. To maintain a favourable temperature for the water storage tank during all seasons, you can follow a few tips and tricks that are mentioned in this article. 

Tips to Keep Your Water Tank Cool in Summer

The summer heat in recent years is breaking all the previous year’s records because of the drastic impact of climate change. It means the water storage tank on your rooftop remains directly exposed to the scorching heat. You can apply those temporary solutions to cool your water tanks, but in the long run, it will not work, as it is time-consuming and a tough task.

You can cover the water tanks with a water tank cover, which will act as a jacket and protect it from heat. These covers are made of special materials, which are special UV resistant and insulated from inside and outside. It is popularly known as a water tank cooling cover.

In case you are looking for some tips for this problem, we are here to help you. This blog will guide you through all the tips and tricks you need to consider to keep your water tank cool. 

  • Create a shed over the water tank

Cover up your water tank with a shed, to protect it from the heat and to keep your water tank cool.  Thus, minimal amounts of heat will be soaked by the water tanks, resulting in a cool temperature inside the tank.

You can install the home water tank in an enclosed or isolated place because the position of the water tank plays a crucial role in maintaining the inside temperature. To prevent it from heating, keep the tank away from sunlight. 

  • Install the water tank in an enclosed space

If you want to carry these methods in the long run, though it is effective, they can be expensive, tedious, and time-consuming as well. 

Apart from working the tips to keep your water tank cool during summer, it would be best if you also insulated all your water supply pipes to beat the heat. It will help you keep your water storage tank cool during hot sunny days. Also, you can install foam pipe sleeves when you have to cover long, straight water pipes. Sunlight and scorching heat may be your biggest problem, so it would be a better idea to relocate and install it. 

If you do not want to put extra effort into constructing an enclosed space area, it is better to relocate the water tank to a shady spot. It will prevent your water tank from degrading, and it is the best way to keep it cool during the summer season. 

  • Insulate water supply pipes

Insulate the gaps where pipes enter or exit the walls. It is a critical part of the waterproofing mechanism, where you must block these gaps, especially around the water pipes. 

  1. Using strips of pipe wrap is the traditional way to insulate water pipes.
  2. When you have to cover straight, long pipes, you can use foam sleeves made of rubber insulation. 

A hassle-free method to keep your water cooler is installing a water tank specially built to cater to this need. 

What kind of Water Tanks are Best for Summer?

Proper water storage and quality equipment knowledge are equally important as the water itself. You might have a query about the price of a water tank 1000 ltr or about how you can install one. Here are some of the most common types of water tanks for both residential and industrial uses to choose from:

  • Conical tanks
  • Loft tanks
  • Roto mould tanks
  • Blow mould tanks
  • ISI tanks
  • Stainless steel tanks

Sheetal group is a leading water tank manufacturer, offering you a wide variety of plastic storage tanks and the highest possible quality at industry-leading prices. 

Plastic water tanks

Sheetal water tanks are premium quality that excels on multiple parameters tests. The key features of these tanks are;

  • This plastic water tank comes in capacities of 500 ltr to 10,000 litres.
  • They are UV stabilized and environmental stress crack resistant. 
  • Ribs encompass the outer layer of the tank. 

Water storage tanks

Sheetal Group is one of the best water tank manufacturers, which features multiple specifications that can be used for industrial and domestic purposes. These water tanks have environmental stress crack-resistance which enhances their durability. 

Apart from all these, the Sheetal group ensures the highest standard of hygiene at a reasonable cost. 

How are Sheetal Group Water Tanks Best for Summers?

  • Sheetal water tanks are a range of antibacterial 4-layer water tanks specially designed to keep your water safe, cool, and pure.
  • Designed so that each layer has a dedicated purpose. 
  • It contains a micro ban layer to prevent the growth of microbes like bacteria, fungi, and algae. Limiting the bacterial growth protects the tanks from damage that bacteria can do to the plastic. 
  • The intermittent foam layer provides insulation and keeps the water protected from external temperature variation.
  • The next layer is the black UV Sun shield, which protects the water tank from the adverse effects of UV rays. 
  • The last layer is a high-quality titanium-loaded layer, which provides strength to the tank. 
  • For industrial applications and households, these tanks seem like an ideal choice.
  • The water tank price may vary according to the capacity of the water tank.
  • Sheetal group water tanks have a restriction on hazardous substances, and there is no compromise in quality. 


Choosing the right water tank that can support all your requirements throughout the year can be a boon. Sheetal Water Tanks are built to last with superior technology supported by premium quality products. 

You can call us or visit our website for further details. We are here to help you choose the right water tank that can meet all your expectations.