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Speed breakers commonly referred to as speed humps or speed bumps are traffic calming devices commonly installed to reduce speed-related accidents. They are a great example of an improved driving experience for road users while reducing costs and improving the environment at the same time.

The road humps will only slow down those who need to be slowed, while those obeying the traffic laws and speed limits can travel without any concern.

However, some issues identified with road humps are vehicle control, discomfort, and noise. The potential difficulties for emergency vehicles are discomfort, damage, access, and delay.

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Uses of Plastic Speed Breaker

  1. To Control Vehicle Speed: We tend to become time-oriented and try to complete things in a stipulated amount of time we try to run ahead of God’s plan or will for our lives. Driving fast makes you overlook many conditions which may lead to irreparable consequences. However, speed breakers provide complete control over speed and are widely demanded throughout the market.
  2. To Control the Frequency of Accidents: Speed breakers are an effective and conventional solution for reducing the frequency of accidents related to high speeds. They are designed to be driven over at a predetermined comfortable speed while causing exceeding discomfort at higher speeds. The reduction in average vehicular speed significantly improves the safety of people providing more control over the vehicle.
  3. Ease Traffic Congestion: Speed breakers also ease traffic congestion by allowing vehicles to move and flow at a consistent rate. In addition to this, it also reduces pollution caused due to inefficient slowing down and speeding up. It leads to a better road experience for road users.

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Their speed breakers are easy to install and maintenance-free and will maintain their color for years despite heavy contact with moving vehicles and exposure to the elements.

They ensure that speed bumps or speed breakers are tested on parameters such as strength and durability before dispatching to the customers.

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