Using Dustbin during Corona pandemic: The Do’s and Don’ts by The Sheetal Group

using dustbin during pandemic

Introduction – Usage of pedal bin during corona pandemic

The coronavirus has affected everyone’s life and we are struggling to cope up with it. In simple terms, Covid-19 is the disease that is caused by the novel coronavirus, which was first reported from Wuhan City, China. The virus is known to spread between people when there is close contact. 

The virus gets transferred in the form of tiny droplets that are produced during a cough, or a sneeze.  It causes acute respiratory distress syndrome and can be fatal in some cases. 

Now after months of lockdown, the world is slowly learning to live with it, and trash bins are suddenly a lot more important than they once used to be. Dumping rubbish in the bin is no more an easy task; there is a nuance to it, given the fear of getting infected. 

The crux of the matter is that the waste material of those infected cannot be tossed into a dustbin casually. Waste needs to be handled with care. Also, it is best to use dustbins with lids during this period of time. In this regard, it is also important to find the right size for your dustbins, and check for any irregularities so that there is no possibility of leakage. 

Whether you are at home taking care of a Covid-19 patient or in a hospital, you have to be careful with biomedical waste, and this includes any waste generated through diagnosis or treatment. This means all items with blood, plaster casts, cotton swabs, needles, blood bags, syringes, or even tissues should be dumped appropriately. 

Now a stainless steel garbage bin or even a pedal bin that we normally use in our homes needs to be used more carefully. Experts emphasize on the fact that any infected clothes, items, should be disposed of mindfully, only after packing them well inside rubbish bags and sealing those bags well. 

Figures from around the world suggest that thousands of people have died and the numbers are only increasing. During this time, here is a guide for you on dos and don’ts when using a dustbin during this coronavirus pandemic. 

Do’s of using the trash bin

The appropriate use of dustbins should be high on priority at this time in order to contain the spread of the virus. Here are the important points to follow:

  • Use a dustbin with a lid, preferably one that has a foot-operated lid. This is where Sheetal Group’s pedal bins come handy. These are the absolute best during this time.
  • Put a rubbish bag inside the dustbin. When the bag gets full, you should take it out and tie it and put a fresh bag in the dustbin. 
  • Personal waste, which includes used tissues and other disposable cloth, should be thrown in a separate dustbin with a lid which should be ideally kept in the bathroom. 
  • Other household waste can be disposed of in the main dustbin of the house which is usually kept in the kitchen.
  • Remember, that a dustbin holds your waste until you can dispose of it, hence, you must ensure that you practice hygiene when it comes to using them.
  • If there is a covid patient in your household, then there must be a separate pedal bin wherein all the waste products of the patient are kept. This pedal bin should be covered, and kept away from everyone’s reach.
  • Also, for those who are attending to the sick, make sure that you wash your hands after handling wastes. We must be careful so that the infectious disease, Covid-19, does not spread.

Don’ts of using garbage bin

At the very start, we would like to urge you to not take this lightly. The coronavirus India situation is grim as it is, and to not take adequate measures can only be disastrous. The virus spreads from person to person for sure, and this needs to be prevented. So if you are self-isolating, or even if you are healthy, make sure that you are following the rules of using trash bins properly. 

  • Don’t use a dustbin that is open. You must cover the trash bin with a cover or use a pedal bin with a lid.
  • Don’t just throw away trash on the streets. Make sure that your trash is nicely packed in disposable bags, and only handed to the garbage collector who comes around in your neighborhood. 
  • Don’t keep your trash bin dirty. Keep the trash bins clean, and always wash your hands after emptying out your trash bins. 
  • Don’t throw the garbage of a Covid patient before three days. According to experts, the rubbish of a Covid-19 patient must sit aside for at least three days before it can finally be thrown away.


The department of disease control and prevention of every country is actively working to make our environments safer. You too can help in this regard by keeping your home and surroundings clean, and by following strict rules when it comes to garbage trash bins.

The Sheetal Group has a range of Biomedical Waste bins that are just the right choice during this time. These are especially useful at hospitals and nursing homes. Our superior quality Biomedical Waste bins cover up any infected material and restrict its spreading. 

For households, you can also buy a pedal bin. The foot-operated pedal bins by Sheetal Group are manufactured with Virgin LLDPE material and are made with non-fading colors. The basic benefit of a pedal bin is that it has a lid and is apt for usage as it is covered and doesn’t let germs to spread.


Remember, it is no more just about you, as it now includes your loved ones, your neighbors, and your society as whole. If you want this pandemic to end quicker, then you must adhere to the rules. Trash bins can be extremely important when it comes to controlling the spread of the disease. Do your part and save India.