Waste Segregation In Plastic Dustbins: A Possible Solution To India’s Waste Management Problem

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Efficient waste management begins with the understanding of the fact that source and resource recovery is a must while ensuring segregation. The principles of sustainable development play a vital role in the creation of waste management rules in India. Precaution and polluter pay also add to these principles. Municipal corporations and commercial establishments are obliged by these principles to carry out acts that adhere to environmental accountability. The principles make municipalities more responsible for restoring balance if there are any disruptions caused due to any acts. Economic development has led to an increase in waste production. As a result, there have been many norms and regulations that have come into action under the Environment Protection Act. Authorities are now creating better ways and means to dispose of waste successfully. 


India faces massive Waste management company in Delhi challenges with the rapidly increasing urbanization. Over 62 million tonnes of municipal waste is generated per annum by over 377 million people living in urban areas. Surprisingly, only 43 MT of waste is actually collected, approximately 11.9 million tonnes is treated and 31 million tonnes is dumped in landfill sites. At the very basic level, solid waste management is one of the most essential services provided by the local municipal corporation to keep the country clean. The challenge remains as most of the collected waste is dumped within the city or just in the outskirts. India’s waste disposal system needs to be made more efficient according to experts. 


To tackle the problem of waste management, proper segregation of waste is a must. The waste that is collected must go through various streams of resource recovery and recycling to achieve the desired results. Industrial dustbins play a key role in this. The final residue of then treated and the collected waste is deposited in landfills. 


Segregating waste at home is also a great practice to add more efficiency to the entire system of the Waste management Company. Every home already has a plastic dustbin purchased from the best manufacturers, the real idea comes into play when we start using fewer plastic bags and more of our intelligence to divide the dry waste and the wet waste so that fewer plastic bags are used. The way forward towards a greener and cleaner environment is a contribution by everyone along with their right choices. 


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