Ways to use water storage tanks for non-potable purposes


As people are becoming aware of the shortage of water on our planet, most of them are trying their level best to save as much water as they can. Even the government and various private organisations are coming up with various water storage schemes and programs to save water. Moving towards this direction, recycling of water is widely practiced in various industrial sectors also. In this process of water recycling, wastewater or used water is recycled using various advanced technologies. This recycled water is used for various non-potable applications. Mainly, recycled water can be used for irrigating agricultural lands or gardens or replenishing groundwater.

Nowadays, recycling of water is also done in various residential apartments and residential projects also. Today, most of the residential projects have sewage treatment plants through which used water is recycled. This recycled water is stored in water storage systems, which is used for fulfilling certain needs in residences such as toilet flushing, watering plants, cleaning vehicles, roadside and street cleaning, etc. Even various industries are also using different types of water storage containers for storing recycled water. 

People now understand that by using recycled water instead of fresh water, a good amount of water can be saved for our upcoming generations. Even, used water which is recycled and free from pollutants can be discharged back to natural water resources. This water can benefit the ecosystem by improving the level of the groundwater. In keeping with the goal of using recycled water for non-portable applications, many companies have come up with unique water storage systems used for filtrating, treating and storing recycled water. As people have started appreciating the usage of recycled water for non-potable applications, a separate distribution system is installed for this water. Engineers are now designing residential projects and commercial complexes in such a way that it can store thousands of gallons of non-potable water. This water is stored in water tanks.

There are different types of water storage tanks available in the market. These are designed for both commercial and residential usage. Here it is pertinent to mention that the Sheetal Group is one of the premier water tank manufacturers in India. It offers water storage containers in a number of sizes, designs, and types. Its water tanks adhere to the highest standard of hygiene using 100 percent virgin plastic. Other than this, its water storage tanks are highly durable and can withstand all types of weather conditions. Moreover, its water tanks are UV resistant. 

Water storage, both for potable and utility water purposes, can be more complex than simple storage issues. So choosing the right water storage tank and size is very important while designing eco-friendly water storage and recycling system.