What Are The Factors That Affect Water Tank Prices And Availability?

water storage tanks

Water tanks tend to get categorized as one of those products which do not get any significant amount of updates and technology revelations, however, this is not as it seems. Water tanks might appear the same from the outside as a few decades ago, but the inbuilt technology and mode of manufacturing have changed drastically. Nowadays, the Storage tank are available in much bigger sizes, meeting the increasing demands of the consumers and the traditional colouring scheme has also been updated that enables it to reach a higher standard of efficiency.

The water tanks are classified on the basis of numerous factors such as size, colour, the material used for construction, resistance to environmental factors etc. For instance, 500 litre water tank price is usually lower than the alternatives that are smaller in size, although this is the most common size of plastic tanks for water. Other sizes of water tanks include 1000, 1500, 2000  liters and these are usually deployed for households with higher needs or professional establishments. Only a few select manufacturers provide tanks with much higher capacity such as 5,000 liter and even 10,000 liter. These larger  sizes might not be offered by every brand but some of the leading manufacturers such as Sheetal group offers different variants for the same.

Coming on to the factor that is often overlooked. This would be the layers of water tanks. The construction of tank water can be done with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 layers. The number of layers affect the rigidity and stability of the material used for the construction and the number of layers doesn’t always imply a higher price tag but it might influence it aside from the additives and the weight of the tank itself.

The  next factor that has the potential to affect the prices and availability of water tanks would be the shape and overall construction of the tank itself. Water tanks have been known for their traditional cylindrical shape, however, the list of new shapes include a conical tank, and container shapes as well. Furthermore, the application of water tanks might change and other types of tanks based on their features are industrial water tanks, large tanks, coloured tanks, indoor tanks and insulated tanks etc. The shape and size of these tanks bring new versatility to the lineup of tanks that enables them to be set up in varying environments.

Last but not the least, water tanks are offered in different materials and the list of these materials include LLDPE, HDPE and steel. HDPE is generally the most affordable options with LLDPE and steel following with relatively higher price tags.  The purpose of the usage is something that becomes the deciding factor the kind of Plastic water tank that would serve users well. The two most common uses of these tanks are either storage above the ground or underground.

Apart from some exceptions and specific-purposes, most of the tanks are used to store clean and potable water. Due to this, it is important to choose the tank which can prevent contamination. Additives like UV stabilizers, food grade plastic and filler free materials are the features of tanks that can result in a variety of prices.

While there might be other factors, the aforementioned form the primary factors that might affect the availability or the price structure of water tanks in a given area. Sheetal group is a name that frequently comes up as one navigates through the market for water tank 1000 ltr price. The brand has been able to maintain a strong presence with the help of high quality products that ensure a long lifespan and reliability.