Which Water Tank Is The Best For You?

storage tank for water

Water is one of the most important needs for every possible thing. We need clean water in our daily life for basic chores like drinking and cleaning. Water tanks are necessary to keep the water clean and hygienic for a healthy lifestyle.

A water storage tank is a container that stores a measured quantity of water. There are various types of water tanks like overhead water tank, underground tanks, horizontal tanks, emergency tanks, etc.

Overhead tanks are tanks that are built at a certain height to achieve maximum efficiency. The water is filled in these tanks with high-power motor pumps which helps the water reach the tank with high pressure. These tanks help in maintaining constant pressure, flow and even distribution. These water tanks are very useful for domestic purposes as it provides water for drinking, cleaning, cooking, washing and other uses. Even commercial purposes can be fulfilled with these tanks as it not only helps in storing water but chemicals too.

Water storage tanks can be made of different materials. In the olden days, these tanks used to be of wood, cement, stones, ceramics, etc. However, with the evolution in time and technology, tanks these days are usually made of plastic or stainless steel.

Stainless steel tanks are famous for their strength and durability and for keeping the stored water/chemicals safe from extreme weather conditions. These tanks are corrosion resistant due to their alloying element. These tanks are heavy and hence can affect the pricing of shipping and installation, making them expensive. On the other hand, Plastic tanks are very famous for their affordability, corrosion resistance and durability. These tanks are very lightweight and hence reduce shipping and installation costs. These tanks are being used for a decade now, and are very famous among the people. These water tanks are very easy to clean to maintain the hygiene levels and keep the family healthy and happy.

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