Why Traffic Cones are placed near statues?


Cones are used for traffic purposes, safety purposes, and other purposes as well. The cones in the present market industry are considered to be worthwhile for use provided they are of premium quality. One simple and basic reason being they would last for the long term.

Traffic cones

Traffic cones from the name itself one would be able to guess its purpose of usage. Traffic cones are required to mark that work/construction is going on. It is used to make people cautious so that they don’t meet with an accident. Areas, where the population density is much higher, need a higher number of traffic cones placed at shorter distances. While an individual undergoes a driving test for a permanent license, he/she does face traffic cones placed at various instances to see how carefully the vehicle is driven. 

Safety Cones

Cones, when helping an individual from avoiding an accident to take place, can be referred to as safety cones. The scenario could vary depending on the locality, the kind of mindset people residing nearby have, for how long the cone/s will be placed, etc. 

The cones placed: 

  • In front of a building under construction,
  • Besides an escalator not working,
  • In a zoo/park where some portion is under construction or wildlife animals reside in that area,
  • In a metro/train station where some part is wet and slippery for use,
  • In front of every vehicle’s parking slot in a mall or office building, etc.

Orange Cones

Cones with different colours are used for different purposes. Some coloured cones include:

  • Orange
  • Green and white
  • Blue and white

Different countries follow different colours for unique purposes viable for that particular cluster of individuals working and residing there. 

The orange colour is such that an individual from far could get his/her eyes’ attention within a second. This is one reason why orange cones are used in almost every scenario of potential calamity. 

The Sheetal Group – Offering LDPE, UV Stabilized, Semi-Flexible, Non-Fading Cones

India, being the second-largest nation in terms of population, the traffic cone price set is very reasonable. The Sheetal Group is among the few that offer high-quality cones at a reasonable price. There are still many areas in the nation that are underdeveloped and come under the category of villages. Keeping that perspective in mind the traffic cone price is essential to be made reasonable. The per capita income of such individuals isn’t as close to people living in metropolitan areas. These factors along with others have been a genuine decision taken by cone manufacturers and suppliers.