Chemical Storage Tanks

The design of the ideal chemical storage tank must be worth the investment in the long run and compatible with the particular industrial application. Some of the chemicals may be chemically inactive while others may be extremely corrosive. With the abrasive environment, the chemical processing industry has various applications for chemical storage tanks. Hence, it’s very critical to choose a storage solution that doesn’t reach with its content.

Sheetal Group understands this and offers the perfect solution. Our chemical tanks are made of 100% virgin LLDPE, which is the best material for the storage of acids. Our chemical tanks are used in chemical businesses in virtually every industry especially the ones which involve corrosive chemicals.

Renowned as a top chemical storage tank suppliers in India, the Sheetal Group offers containers which are regarded as one of the best tanks based on the use, durability, capacity, design and ability to withstand the harsh weather conditions. Our chemical storage tanks come in a variety of configurations that answer chemical storage pain points with innovative and long-term solutions.

If you are using strong chemicals for domestic purpose or running a business that involves the use of hazardous chemicals, proper handling and storage of chemicals are important. Improper storage of these chemicals may adversely affect employees’ health and the environment.

Features of Chemical Storage Tanks

  • UV Stabilized
  • Made from 100% Virgin LLDPE
  • Durable and Long-lasting
  • Heavy duty tanks to withstand the harsh weather environments
  • Suitable for both domestic and industrial uses

Sheetal Group is considered as one of the best between the leading chemical storage tank suppliers in India. Our tanks are in compliance with the applicable standards for the different sectors. They are made from premium quality of raw materials which ensures durability. Offering greatness with our motto “A Timeless Bond”, we strive to add value to countless lives through our products and services..

Significance of Vertical Chemical Storage Tanks for Industrial Use

There are many other risks associated with storing chemicals, such as an explosion, contamination, fires, gas releases, toxic exposures, spilling of chemical and risk of corrosives reacting with the metal.

We understand all the risks involved with the storage of chemicals and offer the best solution for you. The Sheetal Group’s Vertical Chemical Storage Tank, made from 100% virgin LLDPE, is ideal for storing any corrosive acid.

The chemical storage tank, made from premium quality raw materials and seamless construction, is a heavy-duty tank, which is durable, spacious, fine in design and has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The chemical tank has a UV stabilizer, which protects it from long-term degradation from UV light. It is ideal for industrial, as well as domestic use.

With the motto of “A Timeless Bond,” we strive to deliver wonderful products and reinforce the bonds between our company and you.


Q1:What material are the chemical tanks made of?

A: Chemical storage tanks manufactured by Sheetal Group are made of 100% virgin Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). It is considered to be the best material to store industrial chemicals & acids, and is extremely durable. This makes Sheetal Group the top supplier of chemical tanks in India.

Q2: What are the best storage tanks for strong acids?

A: Industrial chemicals and acids have to be handled and stored properly. Mishandling of chemicals can be hazardous for the employees’ health as well as the environment. Chemical storage tank suppliers, like us, need to adhere to strict industry standards.

Our tanks have good resistance to chemicals such as diluted acids, diluted alkalis and alcohols. In addition, Sheetal tanks are highly durable and weather resistant.

Q3: How often should I replace my chemical tank?

A: Ideally, chemical storage tanks are meant to serve as long-term investments. The average life of a polyethylene chemical tank is 7-10 years. Chemical storage tank suppliers agree that the lifespan of a chemical tank can even extend beyond 10 years, depending upon the following factors

  1. chemical stored
  2. temperature
  3. location of the tank

Q4: Why do chemical tanks have a conical bottom?

A: Chemical tanks are designed with a conical bottom as it facilitates the outflow of the stored liquids. It also prevents the silt or residual matter from accumulating at the bottom. Conical tanks can easily be emptied when required as they facilitate complete drainage of the chemicals.