Conical Tank

Conical tank storage containers are cone-shaped vessels used for storage of water, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. They have a wide variety of applications and are upside down to facilitate easy outflow of liquids and forbid contaminant accumulation.

We, at Sheetal Group, offer both Conical Water Tank and Conical Chemical Tank. Safety is of the highest importance for us for any size produced by any construction method, both during manufacture and use. Our tanks are made up of excellent quality materials which are durable and do not rust easily serving as reliable storage systems for hazardous liquids. Our conical tanks can be emptied, when required, via the conical bottom passage facilitating complete drainage. With excellent low-temperature impact resistance, the tanks are UV stabilized against degradation by sunlight.

Features of Conical Tanks

  • FDA Compliant Material
  • Resistance to chemicals and corrosive acids/solutions
  • Made from LLDPE
  • Zero slit accumulation at the bottom
  • Meant for residential and industrial purposes
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean

Sheetal Group is considered as one of the leading conical tank suppliers in India. We ensure the highest quality is employed in adherence to the international standards at industry leading prices. Sheetal Group produces all possible kinds of storage tanks in all sorts of sizes for all applications and industries imaginable. Our tanks are created and designed using high-grade raw materials in consent with industry laid norms and guidelines. The tank walls are best for liquid and granular contents such as food products, laboratory chemicals, and farm supplies.