Insulated Water Tanks Overview

Insulated water tanks are designed for use where temperature regulation is the key. In addition to this, Sheetal’s range of insulated tanks prevents overheating or freezing of liquids. We offer water storage tanks in different capacities. The insulated water tanks are tough, durable, impact-resistant and suitable for the storage of a wide range of chemicals and solutions.

Our pvc water tanks are all fully approved and meet the specific requirements of regulations. Our tank solutions strive to bring efficiency to every project in order to offer a reliable, robust, and cost-efficient system to every client. Available in a wide selection of thickness and finishes, Sheetal’s insulated tanks are designed to satisfy the needs and requirements of various industries such as petrochemical, wastewater, food and beverage, water storage industries and many more.

Features of Insulated Water Tank:

  • Insulation layer to maintain water temperature
  • Made from 100% Virgin LLDPE
  • FDA Compliant Material and UV Stabilized
  • Durable and Maintain water temperature
  • High durability and strength

With years of extensive experience, The Sheetal Group is one of the leading water tank manufacturers of a superior range of insulated water tanks. With its unique design, construction and techniques, Sheetal Group provides a complete insulated water tank. Our tanks are in compliance with the applicable standards for the different sectors and are made from premium quality of raw materials which ensures durability.

Sheetal plastic storage tanks comes with a smart solution by offering you pre-insulated overhead water tanks which are meant to control the temperature of the component stored within. This is an easy and inexpensive way to improve energy efficiency and save you money each month.