Introduction : Parking Barrier

An efficient parking barrier and controlling system have become the need of the hour these days. With an increasing number of vehicles on roads, road safety solutions are developed to ease the movement of traffic, speed and safety of the public.

Sheetal Group is known as a leading supplier of road safety products. We are a CRISIL rated company and hold ISO 9001:2015, CE, OHSAS 180001, ISO 14001: 2015, ISI (BIS), MSME & NSIC certification. Our adherence to offer the best of the best to the clients provoked to step into the road safety arena.

We focus on manufacturing high quality and effective traffic management products such as plastic barriers, cones, speed breakers and lane management. Our range is highly acknowledged for the congruent quality, high strength, crack resistance and user-friendly aspect. They are dynamically designed from tough and impact resistant material to bear the maximum load. They are available in stipulated bright colours and as per the design requirements of high-quality road safety equipment. In addition to this, our speed breaker price is marked at the most affordable rate possible.

Sheetal products are highly resistant to severe impacts and harsh weather conditions. Its dovetail interlocking sub-units make it bind perfectly into one firm bump. Backed by a diligent team of professionals, we manufacture and supply a huge range of quality assured plastic parking barriers. We follow the industry defined guidelines and manufacture the entire range by using contemporary machines, state-of-the-art technology and prime grade plastic qualifying as a top road safety product supplier. Our barriers are tested on parameters such as strength and durability to offer the best experience.

What are Parking Safety barricades & barriers used for?

Effective traffic management is extremely crucial in today’s world for the smooth flow of traffic. To ease traffic movement, safety barricades are used to alert or warn vehicles and pedestrians of any hazard. Safety barriers are devices that prevent vehicles from any road-mishap by clearly separating traffic lanes.

Sheetal Group is one of the renowned manufacturers of road safety products. A CRISIL rated company, holding ISO 9001:2015, CE, OHSAS 180001, ISO 14001:2012, ISI (BIS), MSME & SIC certification, the company focuses on manufacturing quality and effective traffic management products such as plastic barriers, cones and speed breakers.

The road safety products manufactured by the company are designed by a team of expert professionals and are known for their congruent quality, strength, crack resistance, and user-friendly aspect. The plastic barricades designed by using state-of-the-art technology are tested on multiple parameters to ensure better quality.

What are the different types of Security barriers?

Security barriers are devices designed to promote and maintain safety and awareness. Commonly used on roads, parking spots, and highways, these traffic barriers prevent people from any unexpected road hazard. Therefore, it is important to pick the right kind of safety barrier. Sheetal Group is known to manufacture premium quality road safety barriers and is one of the leading barrier suppliers in the country.

Road Barriers: Available in multiple lengths and heights, the road barriers are high-quality traffic barricades designed to solve a wide range of applications such as diverting traffic, managing lane, highlighting the construction zones, etc. These barriers are perfect for withstanding maximum load since they are made from impact- resistant material.

Traffic Cones: Made from LDPE (Low-density polyethylene), traffic cones manufactured by Sheetal Group are available in different sizes and weights. These help in controlling the flow of traffic, preventing accidents by acting as a warning sign for danger. They are available in non-fading colors at affordable prices.

Parking Barriers: For making the process of parking more convenient, parking barriers are used. The parking barriers manufactured by Sheetal Group include premium quality Corner Guards and Wheel Stoppers.

Speed Breakers: To solve speeding problems, a speed bump is used. These speed breakers help in controlling the speed of the traffic, thereby protecting people from accidents. It is considered to be a cost-effective device to ensure public safety.


Q1:What does red barricade tape mean?

A: To protect people from any potential hazards at a construction site, barricade tapes are used on road safety products such as plastic barriers. A red barricade tape indicates an approaching danger or any kind of road hazard in the surrounding area. These come with the word ‘danger’ inscribed on them to indicate that one must not cross it without supervision.

Q2: What are safety color codes?

A: The most commonly used safety color codes are red, yellow, orange, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, and green. Safety barriers manufactured by Sheetal Group are usually available in bright colors to alert the public on the road. These safety cones are made in non-fading colors and have high visibility. The reflective strip ensures high visibility at night or during harsh weather conditions.

Q3: What Are Passive and Active Force Protection Barriers?

Active Force Protection Barriers

  • Security barriers are considered to be active when they allow movement, keeping unwanted visitors at bay. Also, these barriers effectively slow the speed of vehicles down. For example, swing gates, bollards, parking barriers, etc.
Passive Force Protection Barriers

  • Passive barriers act as permanent barriers to protect any building or property from vehicular intervention. These aren’t moveable, unlike the active force protection barriers. Examples include walls made of concrete.