An efficient road barrier and the controlling system has become the need of the hour these days. With an increasing number of vehicles in populated areas such as offices, hospitals, public places and residential premises, road security barrier solutions are developed to ease the parking issues, control the speed, divert traffic, management of the lane, highlight construction zones, and work as lane/road dividers. Our barriers are available in different lengths and heights.

Our premium quality traffic barricades have a wide range of applications. Sheetal Group is known as a leading road safety barrier supplier. We are a CRISIL rated company and hold an ISO 9001:2015, CE, OHSAS 18001, ISI, and ISO 14001:2015 certification. Our compliance to offer the best of the best to the clients provoked to step into the road safety arena.

The water filled road barrier is sturdy safety barricades providing security or traffic control. The plastic barricades offer a temporary and portable barrier for construction zones and traffic control. We focus on manufacturing high quality and effective traffic management products such as safety barriers, speed breakers, barricades, and packing accessories. Our range is highly acknowledged for the congruent quality, high strength, crack resistance, lightweight and user-friendly aspect.

They are dynamically designed from tough and impact resistant material to bear the maximum load. They are available in a stipulated bright colour and as per the design requirements of high-quality road safety equipment. In addition to this, our speed breaker price is marked at the most affordable rate possible. We are renowned as the best road barrier manufacturer in India.

Sheetal products are highly resistant to severe impacts and harsh weather conditions. Its dovetail interlocking sub-units make it bind perfectly into one firm bump. Backed by a diligent team of professionals, we manufacture and supply a huge range of quality assured plastic road barriers.

We follow the industry defined guidelines and manufacture the entire range by using contemporary machines, state-of-the-art technology and prime grade plastic qualifying as a top road safety barrier supplier. Our plastic barriers are tested on parameters such as strength and durability to offer the best experience.

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How do water filled road barriers work?

Controlling traffic efficiently is extremely essential to avoid any unwanted mishap. Road barriers help in managing and diverting traffic for the smooth flow of vehicles on the road. Water filled road barriers are amongst the most widely used barriers.

Water filled road barriers are safety barricades that are used to provide safety or control traffic. They work as an excellent alternative to the traditional barricades. They are equipped with an interlocking system that helps create an uninterrupted wall.

These plastic road barriers are used primarily to redirect traffic by warning motorists about any potential hazard. Lightweight, the water filled road barriers manufactured by Sheetal Group are easy to install and transport. However, they become heavy, once filled with water.

Made from UV stabilized material and non-fading colors, the road barriers come with high reflective tapes that aid night-visibility as well. Unlike traffic cones, the water-filled barriers are protected against theft because of their interlocking system.

Safety benefits of using road divider

An increase in the number of vehicles has led to a subsequent risk of road hazards in the form of accidents. Road traffic deaths have increased over the years. It is crucial to manage traffic efficiently to avoid deaths or injuries caused to due road accidents.

  • Road dividers are used to separate the directions of traffic, manage lanes, control the speed of traffic, and alert motorists of any nearby construction site.
  • They also protect from traffic congestion in case of an accident on either side of the road.
  • Dynamically designed by experts in road safety standards, road dividers manufactured by the Sheetal Group are amongst the best products in the country. The dividers are strong, durable, impact-resistant and affordable.


Q1: What are traffic barriers used for?

A: Traffic barriers are used to prevent road accidents by keeping the vehicles within their lane. Sheetal Group is amongst the leading manufacturers of traffic barricades in the country. Known for their premium quality, the traffic barriers are designed from high-quality, impact-resistant material. Traffic barriers have become the need of the hour in controlling the unmanageable traffic in recent times. Moreover, the bright non-fading colors and high-reflective tapes on the barriers ensure night visibility, thereby reducing the risk of an accident.

Q2: Where can we use low profile barriers?

A: Usually, low profile barriers are used near runways and taxiways at airports where aircrafts wings can safely pass over the barricade without collision. The low profile barriers manufactured by Sheetal Group are perfectly suited for airports. They come with an in-built interlocking system, and provision to fill water or sand. Made from UV stabilized material, these can withstand harsh weather conditions and have high-impact resistance.