Millions of tons of municipal solid waste are generated every day. Waste which is not dealt with effectively, and left in the open leads to air and water pollution which is harmful to the environment and any living organisms who have to deal with the repercussions of the pollution. Industrial and domestic waste management is drawing increasing attention as it is observed that uncollected garbage causes inconvenience, environmental pollution and poses a risk to health, thus making solid and plastic waste management in India an essential industry.

The spread of unmanaged waste and waste material is a key element causing harm to the environment. Having good solid waste disposal and domestic waste management schemes are extremely crucial for the sustainability of the environment and dustbins play a vital role.

Solid waste disposal solutions with The Sheetal Group

However, we at Sheetal Group understands this and offer a wide variety of solid waste disposal solutions to both the industrial and commercial sector. We place a great emphasis on the way we deal with waste so as to not cause health problems and damage to the environment. Our waste handling products are effective in the disposal of solid waste properly. We have a wide range of garbage bins such as kitchen bin, biomedical bins, roadside bins, trolley bins, classic bins and many more.

Features of Waste Management Bins

  • Available in various shapes, colours and sizes.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Available for domestic and industrial use.
  • Available for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy collection to waste

Our bins can be used in both residential and public areas to improve the dispose of the waste properly and recycle them efficiently. Our waste management bins are used to ensure that we are effectively dealing with plastic waste management in India and ensuring the health of the community and safety of the environment.

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