Significance of Plastic Speed Bump

Is speeding an issue? Speed bumps can help. Road humps play a significant role in traffic controlling and increasing safety on the road. Road accidents and injuries are becoming a major fatality cause in both developing as well as developed countries. Hence, traffic calming is the need for today.

There is a dire need of solid strategies to make roads safe for users, vehicles, and the environment. Though road humps cannot completely eliminate the accidents, they can help reduce the chances of them and will also make the impact less severe. As the cars will lower down the speed, the chances of life-threatening injuries are reduced.

Why use Speed Breakers?

  • Increased level of safety
  • Slow down the traffic and vehicle speed
  • Decrease or redirect traffic
  • Cost-effective way to provide safety

Made of high-quality grade materials and cost effective plastic speed breakers are high resistance to severe impacts and harsh weather conditions. Our speed bump are durable, powerful, and safe. Some of the features are:

Features of Speed bump

  • Made of sturdy plastic and rubber
  • High impact resistance and interlocking capabilities
  • Available in long-lasting and non-fading colours
  • Reflective on the top surface for night visibility
  • UV Stabilized
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Affordable plastic speed breaker price
  • Enables quick and easy positioning

Sheetal - Plastic speed breakers supplier & manufacturers

Backed by a conscientious team of professionals, we at Sheetal Group manufacture & supply a wide range of quality assured plastic speed breaker. Our experienced professionals use the highest-grade materials in all of our projects to make sure quality is never be compromised.

Our plastic speed breaker is easy to install and maintenance-free. This implies that once they are placed on the ground, you can relax for a couple of years. They will maintain their colour for years despite heavy contact with moving vehicles and exposure to the elements.

So what are you thinking? Make the investment in your safety making sure it lasts!