Traffic safety cones are high-quality traffic management and safety equipment. The usual colour it has is bright orange to draw the attention of every driver or person crossing. The Sheetal Group offers road safety cones which have high visual visibility, semi-flexible usage and non-fading colours at the most competitive prices. The reflective strip also provides high visibility at night or during bad weather.

Uses of Road Safety Cones:

  • Prevents accidents
  • Control the overall flow of the traffic
  • Provides a plethora of signs and signals to keep the vehicles and pedestrians alert and safe
  • Signify the dangerous terrain, offer protection for road workers or act as a sign
  • Create temporary traffic signs and act as parking cones
  • Warning signs for hazards and danger
  • Center lane dividing, diversion of roads, no entry zones or temporary barricading at public spaces


  • Made of LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)
  • Available in a number of weights and sizes
  • Semi-flexible, UV Stabilized and made from non-fading colours
  • Option of reflective sleeve/tape
  • Quick setup, knockdown and move
  • Options of personalized printing of logos or messages

We at Sheetal Group, design accurately with high quality and standard raw materials to assure higher durability. Lasting longer in comparison to other options available in the market, our heavy duty traffic safety cones come in the highly visible colour finish making them maintenance free from issues such as cracking and fading. The traffic cones can be used on highways, construction sites, parking lots, events.

These are also designed with chains to create a boundary on the roads. Our orange cones have night visibility designs which improve road safety in low light conditions. If you manage a construction site or work at a school, event venue, public areas, it is in your best interest to invest in traffic cones to enhance safety.

For roadside and traffic supply requirements such as parking cones, road cones, safety cones contact us now or visit the website to view and know more about our traffic cone price and product range.