7 Questions to ask before buying water storage tanks!

water storage tanks

Investing in a water tank for your home or business is a huge investment and we want to help you be informed before making this large financial decision. Here are some of the frequently asked questions which will help you make an informed decision for your specific needs. Read below!

1. What Are Your Goals for Your Water Tank?

A water storage system can fulfill a number of needs such as the following:

  • Daily Home Use
  • Harvesting rainwater
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Swimming pools or hot tubs
  • Storage of commercial substances
  • Uses for cleaning, construction project, etc.

Determining the different uses will help determine your water tank.

2. What Size Tank Do You Need?

The size of the tank ultimately depends on the size of your home or your business requirement. Some customers may search for a residential tank, not a commercial-size water tank. Hence, the decision is dependent on how many people are in the home. For example, a couple on average uses 350-400 liters of water.

But if you looking for a water storage tank for your business, you might need a bigger one. Talk to a water tank manufacturer and let him know your personal needs recommending the best fit for you.

3. What Color Water Tank Do You Need?

One of the greatest things about water tanks is that they fit naturally into any landscape. In order to consider the colour of your water tanks, see the color of your surroundings. Tanks are available in black and white, but the best and most durable tanks are black.

They are long-lasting and have better resistance to harsh environments. With multiple options with brands such as Sheetal Group, it’s easy to choose according to your needs and requirements.

4. How Long Does the Installation Take?

A professional must complete the process of removing and installing in a couple of hours depending on the size. This is under normal circumstances with no identified issues. Sheetal Group understands your time is valuable and tries to replace the tank as quickly as possible.

5. Cost of the Tank

The cost of the tank depends on the quality, size, and type you choose. The price may vary for ss water tanks, white water tanks, or large plastic water tanks. It is important to understand the price breakdown when you are quoted for a water tank, so have to be explained about the costs so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

There are numerous tanks that are 30-40% cheaper compared to other tanks but the difference in the price is due to the material and quality.

6. How Do I Maintain the Water Tank?

It’s easy to treat your water tank storage solutions but some basic maintenance can prevent common issues such as sediment build-up or algae growth. Sediments are fertile ground for unhealthy bacteria creating a potential health risk.

Sheetal Group recommends a 6 monthly inspection of your water tank. This will reduce the risk of any issues in conjunction with a professional cleaning and sanitizing at least every 10 years. Some other tips are:

  • Look for any debris or rubbish
  • Checked all the gaps and openings are sealed
  • Check all the outlets and access points
  • Assess the sediment level

7. What Are the After-Sales Services I Will Receive?

A water tank is a heavy and long-term investment. You want to be sure that you can pick up the phone from your water tank supplier and get a professional response or solution. Sheetal Group, one of the best water tank manufacturer in India offer superior after-sales services long after installation.