How Water Storage Tank Can Add Value to Your Home

White water storage tank

A water tank is used to store water for domestic and industrial applications. Water storage tanks are an amazing source for storing water to be used later for different applications. You get running water when you turn on your faucet from the water tank directly to your tap.

These water storage tanks come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and are available in all types of material as well, like- plastic, fiberglass, concrete, or stone. Although these tanks can last for many years, corrosion can cause the water to contaminate by causing bacteria and damage to the water tank.

Cleaning water tanks at a regular time interval is important for their longevity. These days tanks provide UV protection to avoid any algae or bacteria buildup in the tank that can further contaminate the water stored inside.

Types of Water Storage Tanks

  • Black Water Tanks

These are the most commonly used water tanks, majorly for domestic use. The black color of these tanks stops sunlight from getting exposed to the water inside to stop bacteria or algae buildup. These water tanks are easy to maintain, can take harsh weather conditions, and can be used for residential and domestic purposes

  • Colored Tanks

An extension of Black Water Tanks, colored tanks are mainly for aesthetics to match the house theme mainly suggested by the decorator. It has the same features as the black water storage tank. The only differentiating factor is that darker colours generally tend to absorb more heat than the lighter colours.

  • Conical Tank

These tanks store water, chemicals, or fertilizers mainly for industrial use. They are made from strong material to withhold chemical and fertilizer storage and are easy to maintain. They are in the shape of a cone and are placed upside down to ensure the smooth flow of the liquid. These tanks are easy to clean, hence a preferable choice for industrial use.

  • Loft Tanks

These are indoor tanks mainly kept in for emergency usage in areas like kitchens or bathrooms. One can also use them for industrial purposes. Features are similar to black water storage tanks; they are different in shape and size.

  • Industrial Tanks

These tanks store multiple liquids like oil, water, chemical, etc. These are made of material that can suffice for strong liquids and store them safely without contaminating them. Since these generally are huge, they are a little difficult to maintain.

  • Insulated Tanks

These tanks help maintain the water temperature as they have an insulation coating. They protect the water from getting too hot or cold and from harsh weather conditions. Due to climate change, many people have started installing these at home. The only drawback is they are expensive as compared to basic water tanks.

Benefits of Water Storage Tank

Installing water storage tanks can provide benefits like:

  • It is great for storing clean water to use when required.
  • It contributes to preserving the environment as the clean water supply decreases, and by storing clean water, the pressure on the water supply is less.
  • Having a water tank caters to multiple applications with our daily chores and can last for days depending on the tank’s size.
  • Water tanks add value to the property; the bigger the water tank, the more value it adds to the premises and acts as a plus point while selling the property.

Which is the Best Water Tank for Your Home?

While selecting a water tank, ask yourself a few questions to help you decide the best option according to your requirements.

  1. Application
    What are the chores or activities that you require the water tank for? Estimate how much your daily water usage, the daily chores, and activities you will need water for like bathing, cleaning, washing clothes and dishes, cooking, etc.
  2. Capacity
    Consider the amount of water you need to store, and what capacity would the tank be enough for your water usage? Select the size of the tank according to your usage, as the prices will vary from size to size. For example, a water tank 1000 liter price will be more compared to 750 liters or 500 liters.
  3. Budget
    The amount you can spend on the water tank? It depends on your budget. You can buy the most basic tank that will not cost you much or increase your budget and go for the colored or insulated tanks.

After answering all these questions, you can narrow down the list and select the best option available.

Most sold tanks are Blackwater tanks for domestic use, but if you have an elaborate budget and live in harsh weather conditions, you can go for insulated tanks to preserve your tank water from getting very hot or cold.

How Can Water Storage Tanks Add Value to Your Home?

With water shortage increasing every day, having a water storage tank will add value to your property as you don’t have to be restricted by water supply.

If ever there is a shortage of any restriction regarding the water supply. A water storage tank will help you store water for days, depending on the capacity of your water tank.

A water storage tank will ease water availability at any given time, making day-to-day life easy for the house owner.


Having a water storage tank installed is a luxury and makes both domestic and industrial water applications convenient. Every household depends on it for daily chores and activities as we use water for almost everything without even realizing the luxury water tanks give us. Many businesses depend on water tanks for their daily production. So as simple as they may be, water tanks are our savior for storing clean water.

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