Prevent Littering With Commercial Trash Can

commercial trash cans

Litter negatively affects the environment and everyone in it. Adding a commercial trash can is the best way to reduce litter in your space. By offering a designated space for trash, you can prevent littering. 

Here in this article, we will guide you through the benefits of an outdoor commercial trash can and how you can prevent littering with the commercial trash can. 

Benefits of A Trash Can

  • Environmental friendliness

One of the most important reasons behind the enforcement of communal waste collection is that it reduces disease spreading. 

Waste containers play an integral role in keeping the environment sustainably sound. It helps keep the garbage locked in, thus maintaining a pristine neighbourhood. The garbage is further collected by the authorities to keep everything neat and clean. 

  • Recycling 

One of the great benefits of a trash can is that you can easily recycle the garbage and make it even more environmental-friendly. The modern recycling method is based on this system, that you have to use a different container for separate purposes. Once you mark the collection of multiple coloured waste containers, you will automatically understand that you must use the containers for various purposes. 

Public authorities bring organic containers, which help people dispose of the branches or leaves that fall off. It is a win-win situation and the best way to collect all the organic waste. 

  • Hygiene and Sanitation 

The main aim is to collect all the garbage and place it until public authorities clean it up. Once you mark a specific space for waste disposal, people will strictly follow it, and the community becomes better organized and cleaner. In every aspect, you can use it with full potential. 

  • Money-saving

When you start limiting yourself to a certain size of a waste container, you are more likely to reduce waste production daily. You will also stop buying any goods in the long term, so you do not have to throw them away. 

Waste containers are made of different materials, such as metal, pressed steel, deep pressed steel, and other materials for various purposes. 

To make it safe and secure and prevent leaking and environmental hazard, you must store the waste in different containers

Using the right container can preserve the environment, and since it is cost-effective, you can also save money. 

  • Security 

It sounds silly to think of keeping the waste material in a secure place, but when you see the stray dogs and cats scavenging around the trash, the security concept makes sense. 

When this trash is securely stored in a proper waste container, there is no chance that this kind of scenario will happen. So it would be best to keep it secure until the public authority collects and removes all the trash. 

Purpose of Trash Can 

  • A trash can must have the proper equipment for managing the waste and other successful business operations. 
  • The area of medical waste requires special containment efforts, so the safe disposal of potentially harmful medical waste is necessary, for a trash can is required.
  • For safe material handling and building maintenance, trash cans or garbage cans must be placed effectively. 

How to Position Commercial Trash Cans to Prevent Littering?!

  • Add more trash cans

Adding more commercial recycling trash cans encourages good habits in the visitors. To combat litter in your area, put sufficient options for visitors.

  • Carefully position your trash cans 

Being strategic about the trash cans’ placement can help you save costs. Deciphering where you have to place the trash cans can significantly help you increase the effectiveness, and in turn, save up on the expenditure. 

Mostly there should always be trash cans located at the transition points. 

  • Emphasize recycling

Recycling bins can also help reduce littering and keep the material out of landfills. Decomposition rates of the material can vary. A paper can decompose in three to five months, whereas plastic can sit in a landfill for about 500 years or more. 

  • Incorporate Signs

Some people need constant reminders to dispose of the trash properly. It would be best if you incorporated signs in densely populated areas to encourage people to throw the trash away. there are four crucial steps to achieve when designing your sign; 

  1. Grab the attention of pedestrians
  2. Display easy-to-understand information
  3. Change their behaviour and attitude
  4. Motivate them to throw their trash away.
  • Keep Trash Cans Covered

Covering the trash adequately is important; animals or weather knock over the cans and scatter litter if you don’t do that. Invest in a durable cover and secure the trash, which can last through any condition.

You can consider a dome top for maximum weather protection. Still, it would be best if you considered that interaction with visitors. Clean trash encourages people to use it. Flat or hooded lids can protect them from flyaways, rain, and wind. 

  • Provide Outlets For Cigarette Litter

Cigarettes are the most common litter, making up 38% of motorists and pedestrians. It contains toxins that enter the water supplies and poison the wildlife if it is not disposed of properly. There is no exact timeline for how long it will take to decompose, but according to the observation, it takes 500 to 1000 years to decompose one single cigarette. It is one of those factors that contribute to human wildfires.

In public places, like parks, the number of ash receptacles has a very consequential influence. 

  • Use Colorful Trash Cans 

Using the colourful trash cans can help you grab the guests’ attention. It will help them stand out and make them easy to find. As they are easier to locate, it increases the chances of locating so that visitors will not throw away the trash instead of littering. 

Decorative commercial trash, brightly coloured or themed, adds a pop of colour to the outdoor space and can promote a specific brand. 

In case you have receptacles for different purposes like pet waste or recycling, colour-coding them can promote awareness and keep the disposables orderly. 


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