‘Tap’ the right option to choose the best

faucet and tap

Taps or faucets play a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetic and maintaining a safe flow and choosing a Wall Mounted Taps isn’t an easy task as there are many considerations to be kept in mind. In a country like India, importance to reliability, longevity and durability is given and this is what surges the flow of safety.

There are other things considered by households like price, aesthetic, exact height, tap reach, the number of holes in the sink, water pressure situations and brand names.

One needs to conduct diligent research and scan the requirements that fit the bill. There is a wide range of Sheetal Faucets available to fulfil your list. Their range is wide and the advice of a proficient plumber is a must to choose what is best.

Here are the wide options available of faucets that can be fixed by you:

  • Pillar faucets: Perfect for bathroom faucets mounted on bathrooms or kitchen basins with separate taps for hot and cold water. They simply have gentle push which is even suitable for disabled people.
  • Mixer faucets: They produce a consistent flow of temperature and have a single lever. Mostly installed in kitchen sinks and bathrooms, ideal for the balanced flow.
  • Wall-mounted taps: They leave a lasting impression through the luxury touch. Ideal for bathroom fittings offers an aesthetic appeal. A user can have more space as compared to sink taps and can have spa-like water effects.
  • Monobloc faucets: Monobloc taps give free hand to users to choose the kind of temperature, either hot or cold, with a single spout. Efficient for use and have the benefit of durability.
  • Ball Taps: Easy to operate and with a spin can offer a convenient temperature switch to the user. Easy to operate and ideal for kitchen sink.
  • Cartridge faucets: Cartridge taps enable the users to switch from heavy flow to neutral flow. Comes with a tap lever, one can control the temperature by placing the handle left to right, while moving it from top to bottom makes one control the amount of water to be flown.
  • Ceramic Disk faucets: Made from two ceramic discs, one is fixed while the other can be moved to adjust the water flow with the tap handle. The alignment of both the discs keeps the flow of water. They have long-lasting benefits with no leakage problems.

Scanning options for ideal faucets can be a tough row to hoe but give a finishing touch. Be it Kitchen faucets or bathroom faucets, choose the best that goes with your home décor and adds many layers of aesthetics. We hope that we have become a helping hand in making you tap the best option through our information.