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Sheetal Group Waste Management

Waste has become a global problem due to the rapid urbanization and growth in population. With the increase in waste production, we are creating a mess in the environment. It decreases the natural resources and increases many issues

In recent times, water pollution has increased due to the growing solid waste. Many other factors like health, air and land have faced a negative impact on improper waste management. It has become the need of the hour to overcome the challenge of waste management to make the world a better place.

Reusing and recycling the resources like papers, cans, glass, plastic etc. by the massive public can save the environment from the huge piles of solid waste. Creating a zero-waste environment is not only beneficial for the environment but the people too.

Sheetal Tanks supports Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Mission and has introduced an easy and durable solution with their durable waste management products. They have become a helping hand in the Indian community for the disposal of waste and its collection with their products like-

Wheel Garbage Bins

Storage Bins With Wheels And Handles can be used anywhere, indoor or outdoor with UV stable plastic. These bins can be located at any place easily with their durable and lockable wheels which can withstand any type of weather. These bins are made of non-fading virgin LLDPE plastic with a carrying capacity of 120ltr-240ltr.

They have garbage bins with various sizes, shapes, dimensions and capacities ranging from 120ltr to 240ltr.

Garbage Rickshaws

An inexpensive mode of waste collection, Garbage Rickshaw Price helps in making a speedier collection of waste, even in inaccessible locations. It has two containers to segregate wet and dry waste. These garbage rickshaws are made of high-quality UV stabilized grades of polyethene. These rickshaws are the answer to the easier and speedier collection of waste.

Biomedical Bins

Medical waste and garbage can be infectious in nature due to which it requires proper disposal. They may carry viruses, bacteria, or harmful drugs that can be risky for a patient or any other being.

Biomedical Waste Bins become extremely important to dispose of medical waste. These bins have antibacterial and microbial properties which keep the patients safe. The material of these bins is 100% virgin, durable, maintenance-free and UV stabilized. Biomedical Waste bins are available in a wide variety of sizes for every purpose.

Trolley bins

Trolley bins are the solution to carry garbage hassle-free, quietly and efficiently. They are suitable for domestic and industrial purposes with easy mobility. The durable material with UV stabilization and non-fading colour makes the trolley bins withstand any weather and any surface. These bins are available in capacities ranging from 100ltr-1100ltr.

Trolley bins are widely used for biomedical waste and industrial waste due to their heavyweight, durability, chemical resistance and non-reactive nature.

Roadside bins

Roadside bins have become crucial for waste management due to the increasing urbanization hence, many roadside bins should be installed on the roads, parking, factories and other busy areas.

These bins are spray painted to prevent corrosion and UV stabilization. They have separate bins for segregation of wet and dry waste along with two sides open lid for easier collection of the disposed waste. These garbage containers have huge capacity and easy placement.

Sheetal Tanks not only have plastic bins but also have stainless steel bins for domestic and office uses. They range from lid bins to foot-operated bins, to meet all your requirements.

It’s the need of the hour for us to take a step and make the environment a cleaner, hygienic and better place for us and future generations.


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