What are the Different Types of Bathroom Faucets?

types of bathroom faucets

Choosing a bathroom sink faucet may be more difficult than you think. A wide variety of bathroom faucets are available, from brushed nickel and chrome to satin nickel and polished chrome. Choosing a vanity sink faucet is an important decision since you’ll be using the same one for many years, and it has to fit the rest of your bathroom’s decor.

Find more about the varieties of faucets for the bathroom before buying one.

  • Bridge

    For those who want the best of both worlds, bridge faucets may be what you’re searching for. Bridge refers to the one point from which all the levers and faucets branch sprout. This needs just two holes on the countertop of the bathroom.

  • Centre Set

    Three-hole basins are compatible with centre-set bathroom faucets. The knobs on centre-set bathroom faucets are four inches apart. In addition to a spout, there are two handles on either side of the base unit.

  • Single-handle Faucet

    Often referred to as “single-lever faucets,” single-handle bathroom faucets have just one handle. A single-handle faucet has a handle that can control both hot & cold temperature water. For kitchens, single-handle faucets are also a common choice.

  • Spread-fit

    If you have a vanity sink or countertop sink deck, spread-fit faucets hide the connection underneath. Separate spouts and knobs are included on these faucets. It is common for these sink faucets to have two holes up to 10 inches apart. These faucets may be installed in a variety of different ways.

  • Deck Mounted

    Deck-mounted faucets are attached directly to the countertop of a bathroom or kitchen. Other bathroom faucets, such as those attached to the wall or the sink, look quite different from these faucets.

  • Wall Mounted

    The top tap manufacturers in Delhi offer a broad range of designs, sizes, colours, and finishes for these faucets that extend over the sink.

  • Vessel

    A vessel sink faucet is a basin that stands on top of a bathroom vanity or countertop, unlike typical drop-in or under-mount sinks.

Which Finish is best for Bathroom Faucets?

The good news is that in their drive to introduce new items to the market. Home fixture makers keep introducing diverse bathroom tap designs to meet the unique needs of modern users. Sophisticated protective clear-coat sealers have enabled even the least priced faucets to provide lifetime guarantees on their finishes.

However, you’ll have to choose from a bewildering array of options, including:

  • Polished chrome – Best suited for Deck-mounted faucets
  • Brushed chrome – Best suited for Vessel Sink faucets
  • Polished nickel – Best suited for Wall-mounted faucets
  • Brushed nickel – Best suited for Centre set faucets
  • Hammered nickel – Best suited for Bridge faucets
  • PTMT taps – Best suited for Spread fit faucets

Bathroom taps prices vary depending on the finish and material used, so you may easily find one within your budget.

If you are experiencing sensory overload as a result of your options, consider these decision-making strategies:

● Forget about the metal and focus on the overall appearance. Plan a visit to a showroom where they feature every finish on display. Pick and select the one which matches your mood board.

● In each bathroom, match all the finishes with hard surfaces, such as towel bars, lighting fixtures, and door hardware, to select the right one.

● Polished finishes are beautiful, but they need frequent maintenance to preserve their lustre.

● Because brushed finishes are more effective at covering water flow and fingerprints, they are particularly useful if you have children.


When renovating a bathroom, only a few things are more important than new faucets. Even low-cost faucets are available in a wide variety of forms and finishes, allowing endless design possibilities. Today’s bathroom faucets have all the bells and whistles, including interaction and water-saving choices, allowing you to control the flow literally. To invest in a modern, timeless bathroom faucet that serves you for years to come, contact the experts at Sheetal group.