What to Consider While Choosing Kitchen Sink Taps

What to Consider While Choosing Kitchen Sink Taps

The sink tap is one of the most used hardware in the kitchen. It is crucial for the daily tasks of prepping food, cleaning, cooking, and sanitizing. Of all the features in the kitchen, the sink tap is probably the one you have to interact with most of the time.

Standing at center stage, the sink tap is also one of the primary features of the kitchen’s style. And thus, choosing the right sink tap enhances the kitchen’s functionality and serves as an expression of your taste.

But there are a myriad of factors to consider when you’re looking for the right sink tap for your kitchen. Here are the seven key factors you can consider as you go through your sink tap selection process.

Which Type Of Tap Is Used In The Kitchen Sink?

A kitchen sink tap says a lot about the person’s personality. It should blend with and emphasize the look of the kitchen design, with everything falling in place around it. Here are some of the major kitchen sink styles to consider:

  • Traditional

The elegant luxury of a classic kitchen sink tap can complement a kitchen with its dapper timeless design. A traditional sink is immaculate for a classic and warm kitchen, adorned with creamy whites, natural stone, and wood tones. Traditional kitchen design allows mixing and matching details, including texture and color. Tap manufacturers in Delhi are classically inspired, with ornate details and decorative molding, which offer a refined touch to the ever-boring sink tap.

  • Modern

Modern kitchens are characterized by restrained designs and subtle color variations that frame a stylish, simple, and functional space. An open coil faucet along with a tall arc is the perfect complement for the smooth and flat surfaces of the modern kitchen. In these kitchen sink faucets, you get the opportunity to accentuate the characteristically sterile space with a bold & aesthetic statement sink tap.

  • Transitional

Not too classic, not too modern, this is the perfect balance for those who want to keep it current without making big mistakes. Characterized by rounded contours, the traditional design blends features of both traditional and modern styles into a contemporary-looking design for a person who wants the effortless look of a traditional tap but with the added features of a modern one.

  • Commercial style

The commercial faucet can complement the braising, chopping, searing, and deglazing skills at the sink for professional chefs. It comes under the subcategory of trendy designs, so it will work perfectly in a sleek kitchen.

  • Handle type

Some kitchen tap choices can affect form and function equally. Choosing the handle type is one of those features which impacts both considerations.

  • Single hand

Anyone who cooks or preps most meals at home will appreciate the ease of using the single-handle faucet. It will be a great choice for busy kitchens and anyone with limited mobility. Temperature and flow can easily be adjusted and fine-tuned with one finger, hand or elbow.

  • Two-handle

Choosing two handle design becomes an impactful kitchen masterpiece. Whether you go for a traditional or edgier industrial style, these two-handle faucets can help you to achieve the look and functionality with added features.

Important Things to Consider While Choosing Kitchen Sink Taps

Apart from choosing the types of kitchen sink taps, you have to focus on the other factors as well, and that includes:

  • Height of the sink taps

Height consideration for the faucet can be functional or aesthetic. A taller faucet can have a dramatic effect on the design of the kitchen.

  • Arc of the tap

Arc can be a crucial consideration, depending upon the use of the faucet. The faucet arc is the distance from the top of the sink to the base of the fixture. You might be looking for a dramatic tall arc and maneuvering big pans and pots, or you might want a low-profile faucet that does not block the view out from the window.

  • Sprayer function

The sprayer function is one faucet feature that modern kitchens should not go without. It allows you to direct the flow of the water easily to every corner of the sink, and this feature is used for many kitchen tasks, such as watering plants, filling pitchers, and blasting away the tough crud. A few options are available that primarily result from the shape of your faucet. Whatever sprayer function you choose, this feature is guaranteed to boost the functionality of the workflow of your kitchen.

  • Pull down

Faucets with pull-down functionality have a sprayer hose that extends down toward the sink from the main faucet body. These faucets often have a lever mechanism or a button that allows you to access a powerful spray or an aerated stream of water from the same fixture.

  • Pull out

Faucets allow you to access the benefits of pull-down functionally but with a lower profile. The fixtures pull outward toward the user.

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How Can Sheetal Kitchen Taps Give Your Kitchen An Aesthetic Appeal?

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Your kitchen tap is the central feature of the kitchen design. Choosing the right model can significantly impact the kitchen tasks and serve as a centerpiece for the entire kitchen. Sheetal kitchen taps are specially designed to meet all your needs. Contact us today to take your first step in transforming your kitchen. Visit our product section to know more about our products and services.