Why Do We Need Speed Breakers in India?

speed breakers in India

Vertical deflection is used by traffic control devices, such as speed breakers to slow down oncoming cars. Schools, hospitals, and other places where children and the elderly often cross the street utilise speed barriers to keep traffic moving at a more manageable pace. Additionally, speed humps are strategically positioned at toll booths, bridge entrance sites, and other congested areas to slow down traffic.

The Significance of Speed Breakers

Many individuals are beginning to doubt the need for speed bumps, particularly in residential areas and the suburbs. Indeed, they were initially designed for urban roadways. If you have a business property, you may consider putting speed bumps for several reasons, including increased safety. Get to know some of the benefits of speed bumps.

Causing a Delay in Traffic-

The primary function of a speed bump is to slow traffic. Areas with a lot of foot traffic congestion need this. Before crossings, entrances, exits, abrupt curves, etc., strategically placed speed bumps may deter fast cars. This greatly reduces the risk of an accident.

When drivers are in a rush, speed bumps are one of the few things that may effectively deter them from acting recklessly on the road. People are unlikely to deliberately slow down while approaching crosswalks or busy intersections if there are no speed bumps.

Protects Pedestrians from Accidents

Pedestrians are particularly susceptible to the effects of oncoming cars and excessive
speed of vehicles. Even if they cross the road with caution, a single fast automobile has the power to put their life in jeopardy.

However, speed bumps can fairly reduce the number of deaths caused by car accidents. With speed bumps present, pedestrians can cross the road safely, as the driver will have to slow down the car due to the bump.

In the case of young children & teenagers, schools and parks need additional safety measures besides speed bumps to ensure the kids’ well-being.

Keeping Traffic Under Control

Streets with speed bumps tend to be avoided by those in a hurry. Traffic is diverted from one street to another as a result of this. For example, many vehicles would avoid a road near a school if it had a few speed bumps, reducing traffic and met with an accident possibility on that specific street. As a result, schools will not be disrupted, and children will not be in danger. More importantly, speed bumps may help prevent a well-known shortcut to a destination from being congested.

Slow down the vehicles

It has also been noted that speed bumps slow down the vehicles resulting in fewer road accidents that occur because of high speed and acceleration.

What are the Materials Used for Speed Breakers?

The following are some of the materials used for speed breakers:
Luminous arrow
Heavy-duty rubber

How Plastic Speed Breakers are the Best?

Plastic Speed breakers are a proven and successful technique for minimising the number of accidents that occur while vehicles move at high speeds. Designed to be driven over at a specified comfortable pace, they cause extreme pain when driven faster than the predetermined comfort speed. The drop in average vehicle speed considerably enhances the safety of individuals by allowing them to maintain more control over their vehicles.

Plastic barricades also help alleviate traffic congestion by enabling cars to circulate and flow at a steady pace throughout the day. In addition to this, it helps minimise pollution generated by wasteful slowing down and speeding up motor vehicles. It results in a more enjoyable driving experience for drivers and passengers.


Road safety necessitates the use of speed bumps and breakers. Essentially, anything that might slow down your vehicle’s high speed is considered a “speed breaker.” We tend to slow down when we recognise that a speed breaker is ahead, and it may have saved our lives at some point. Sheetal Group is the best manufacturer of speed breakers. Since the beginning, their guiding principle has been “the best quality at all times. To get a free quote, please get in touch with an expert today.